Twitter Updates for 2009-05-06

  • Oh well. Better get to the dishes and counter and making bed they tore apart. And drugs. Need drugs for tooth/head/ear pain. #
  • Which seems to be controllable partly as a matter of more or less stress. Fex Kids doing bad thing even if I don’t yell I’ll tense, hurt. #
  • While pain makes getting to sleep hard, it seems to intensify the longer I am awake. Anyway, crying baby… #
  • 2x/mo ≠ 4x/wk #
  • Well, should try for another 40 minutes sleep. Henry crowded me out of bed so office floor, even though was comfy for a change. slept well. #
  • Mike is due any minute, if not here already, if not tied up at work. Deb was up & wanted to gab when I wandered out. Other half hour all me. #
  • Was tempted to make a joke about getting off work being the real challenge, but skipped it. Oh wait. #
  • People ask why I allow Mike here. While there are a lot of answers, the very assumption I’d have/use a say speaks to why we are split. #
  • If I didn’t have/use a say in other things, if I couldn’t work on what I needed/wanted, maintain skills, keep my business, why object now? #
  • Torn between amusement at idea of intentionally tweeting things she’ll get riled at if she peruses and not wanting to have to deal with ire. #
  • Used phrasing “my house” other day purely as if she’d read it, and she did and called me on it. Heh. #
  • Holy crap! Long shift, didn’t feel it either. #
  • Are You a Lover or a Fighter? – – You Are a Lover #blogthings #
  • @Shurakai Of course, my way of dealing with having had enough would be just leaving unexpectedly, as it feels oddly less confrontational. #
  • Kind of hard to do CotC tweets when Twitter is barely working. #
  • I find it interesting. #
  • Should go do a few more dishes. Strainer almost full, but could squeeze more. Maybe see if kids are hungry again yet. And work on computer! #
  • Keep forgetting that last is my single overwhelming priority for the day. #
  • @jasra I was trying to remember when and how much the other day, never did look. Good to have the reminder. Seems like they just hit 42! #
  • Trying to boot from recovery CD, get networking, be able to copy files from messed up drive to network. #
  • 1st attempt seems to have detected HD, declared it to be at IRQ 14, then stopped cold. Not promising. #
  • Need to be able to tell Gentoo Linux to mount boot partition of drive that has damage so I can try to read & copy files. Greek to me. #
  • What’s cool is drive info under GParted was able to tell me at least 7 sectors are bad, drive pretty much toast. #
  • @FroynLaven Was going to try network, which I can see from the Linux boot. Though maybe USB stick if can find or phone in mass storage mode. #
  • Looks like it should be something like: mount -t ntfs /dev/hda2 /mnt #
  • Just worried about doing harm by firing away with it… #
  • I rock. Now lets hope I can map the network drive, locate the files in question, and copy them. #
  • It’s a big victory just to see a listing of the files on the root of that hard drive! #
  • Pining for good old “net use…” for connecting a mapped drive from a command prompt. Linux stuff is… different. #
  • Alternatively, since I can’t seem to mount a network drive even though samba is there, how do I make it see USB storage device in Linux? #
  • Seems not to see the USB as if it were a drive as it allegedly should. Hmph. About to give up for night. Brain fried. #
  • I mean, woke at 1 AM, slept slightly more, up for day since except a few minutes I dozed a couple times sitting here. #
  • Wonder if I might be better with actual Knoppix or Ubuntu distro CD rather than version on recovery/utility CD, but that’s purpose made… #
  • @FroynLaven In this: mount -t smbfs -o username <your user name> password <your password> //servername/sharename /mnt/sharename #
  • @FroynLaven What is the very last item, “sharename,” on the volumne mnt? Is that a share folder I have to mount on the source drive?? #
  • Screwed up, ate lunch at 3:00, barely thought of supper yet, bedtime 90 mins or so away. And Val has been napping 2+ hours. #
  • Since I can barely keep my eyes open, I’d better get on with it. Off with the problem computer for the night. #
  • @FroynLaven Torrent? I’ve downloaded it before without using that. Actually booted from CD & played with it once. Will need newer though. #
  • Downloading Ubuntu ISO. Now food, shower, shave, sleep. #

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