Twitter Updates for 2009-05-05

  • EMG first thing after work. Past bedtime. Yay. #
  • Pain #
  • Can’t sleep. Pain. Not even subsiding sitting up, yet. #
  • Need to get more and better sleep, stop getting comfortable just in time for alarm and work. #
  • Seemed endless and was heavy day but done a tad early. Debating even bothering to change for emh’ or here vs at med bldg. #
  • Not even quite time for drugs yet and the combo tooth tension headache is roaring baclk. #
  • @sharone75 She looked confused, like who is that beeping and waving. #
  • In brockton already. Waiting a few before I go in and maybe get a drink from machine. Always dehydrated after work. This the drenched shirt #
  • Well, back in the neurology waiting room. .. #
  • Wishing I had clever commentary. #
  • My Daily Twittascope ( #
  • That was kind of cool. Felt like a frog, involuntzeily twitching in response to electrical current. Got idea I intrigued them. #
  • Kept almost falling asleep on the table. 2nd part with probes poking in was like being source of radio interference. Mass static storm. #
  • Before the EMG they asked if I had diabetes or other chronic disease. Not sure what they were seeing, or if it was my toe, kept asking that. #
  • At least 2 additional times, like was I *sure* no diabetes or chronic disease. One of my big toes looks about 1/3 dead, maybe it was that. #
  • Apple?!? #
  • What Do You Need to Be Happy? – – You Need Success to Be Happy #blogthings (They don’t get more accurate.) #
  • RT @JuliaDunlop @unmarketing Learning how to cold call better is like learning how to punch someone in the face better. Nice. #
  • The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Dom Deluise is Sleepless in Seattle, when Bill Pullman jokes ordering Dom Perignon. #
  • Time to put veggies into the pot, plus work on stuff like dishes. #
  • Annoying. Bedtime and I still have dishes and cleaning. Henry is eager for bed as he had no nap and got up at 5:20 AM on bad day for it. #
  • The goof with my EMG not being Monday cost Deb rare unlimited OT opportunity last night, then Henry woke her after 4 hours to boot. #

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