Twitter Updates for 2009-05-04

  • Val turned heat up all the way. Didn’t notice until I went in Deb’s room to get clothes for them before bed. Must be 90 in there. #
  • My Daily Twittascope ( #
  • I actually got sleep. More please! #
  • Publishing CotC, having coffee & shower, getting my butt to Brockton to have electrical signals pumped through me and measured. Yikes! #
  • #cotc Carnival of the Capitalists for 5/4/09: #
  • People do intriguing searches and show up from fascinating places. #
  • There is no appointment in the building scheduled for me today! #
  • Bmc neurosurgeon has faxed confirmation of today’s emg in my chart. Hell being raised. #
  • Shopped at market basket on way home from disappearing appointment. #
  • Whacky. EMG didn’t happen because the place I go almost monthly to primary doctor didn’t have record of my insurance neurology could find. #
  • And so I have to be there 8:15 tomorrow morning, totally screwing with Deb, having to go straight from work sore sweaty dirty. #
  • (Irony alert!) How Strong is Your Relationship? – – Your Relationship is Still Building Strength #blogthings #
  • What Flavor Smoothie Are You? – – You Are a Banana Smoothie #blogthings (Interesting when they’re so accurate.) #
  • What Room of the House Are You? – – You Are the Library #blogthings #
  • @samablog I’d been wondering when there’d be news along these lines. #
  • She says she can’t resist checking my tweets every few days to see what I’ve been saying. Luckily nothing too bad was in recent ones here. #
  • Related only by train of thought, really need to get a “real job” so she can be as surprised I don’t “punk out” as she was with FredCo. #
  • Being with me that long and assuming I’d just walk out on the seasonal job was indicative of how little she managed to know me. #
  • But yeah. Good not to say just how badly she freaked about my appointment tomorrow morning, if she was going to come looking. #
  • Anyway, I am free to do things now. Want to talk to my mother, do some writing, dishes, computer work, web work, not be shoulder surfed. #
  • @EternalWanderer Quantum physics and philosophy are unrelated? Huh! Kant imagine why. #
  • Kids must learn not to lose their cups if they want to remain hydrated. #
  • Henry just dismantled my tape of original Grinch! #
  • @CotC #
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