Twitter Updates for 2009-05-03

  • Broke desk moving it from kid’s room to living room. Cobbled together but needs to be more solid. Learned cordless drill dead in process. #
  • Apparently my cold is for real to a new level. Exciting! #
  • Also hope Mike and Deb stay quiet enouig for me to go back to sleep as Val is asleep in my office so I can’t migrate. #
  • Dammut can’t get back asleep and have pain flaring and cough not helping. #
  • Glad I locked the door to bathroom while doing crossword. Mike forgot he and Deb aren’t only ones in my house. #
  • Not sure it’s fair I have waves of feeling too betrayed for words, in a she planned it all along sense. #
  • My 1st bill for new cell plan 68/mo is 169 and includes usage fees and charge for her line on phone she broke 3 mos ago. #
  • Still trying to figure out the crazy T-Mobile bill. #
  • Someday 6 dramatically broken hours of sleep won’t seem amazingly long to me. Oh, and my prince will come. Er… princess? #
  • Jack Kemp was such a great President! Look how free and prosperous we are now. Oh wait, that’s alternate history. Too bad. RIP. #
  • @dmataconis Indeed. I remember W coming out of nowhere with huge financial backing. seeming unlikely but clearing the field. #
  • @dmataconis Then W grew on me to a point, but ended up being LBJ. Sadly paving way for Barack Wilson Nixon-Carter. #
  • Rob Sama on Jack Kemp in 1988: (Good point of departure for alt history I imagined in prior tweet.) #
  • It’s still Sunday morning and everything to be put in CotC so far is posted? I should be so efficient every week. #
  • @shartlen Happy anniversary! May you have a gazillion more at least as happy. #
  • Time to get on with day already. Get a shower while it’s still possible, for instance. #
  • I didn’t know I could compose a Tweet in WordPress. #
  • These kids are getting way too big and clever. #
  • @drjjoyner Well, yeah. Just surprised,. #
  • My mother just dropped by at a bad time & got closest to Deb losing it on her she ever has in all these times. Can’t blame her. #
  • Trying to figure out what I am doing with kids, since obviously it’s going to be something. Can’t take them out to eat, just to play. #
  • Maybe use my “advance on future taxes” card to buy store food that can become a picnic lunch? Or find world’s cheapest takeout. #
  • @samablog It’s an option under “write” if you have Twitter Tools installed. #
  • @pixxiespaz I love the cider mill! #
  • Got to the playground in time for it to start sprinkling. Hope it holds out. Kids eating fries in dining car of playground train. #
  • Really need better bladder plans for outings like this. Raining good so leaving. Walmart or local store now? #
  • One kid napping, 2 others playing happily & quietly with TV off, not even demanding supper yet. Dare I pinch myself? #
  • That tweet may as well have been a silent dog whistle, but for calling kids. Guess the awake ones are ready to eat. #
  • My Daily Twittascope ( #
  • Henry has slept waaay too long for a kid who’s due to go to bed in a couple hours. #

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