On Third Thought…

Reaching the decision from a matter of pure practicality, I should just use my original elhide.com/solo and transition a domain to map it later.  That already has page rank, so could attract ads immediately.  It still has links in the wild, and even a small bit of traffic.  More than I have here.

It really chaps me not to have any ad revenue from my sites under my control for the expenses that aren’t the call it $1800 a month shared ones to which I put call it $1200.  I’m in a position to have to build almost from scratch to eke out a fraction of what comes from the sites I gave up control of unawares.  I mean, not that I can’t ever take them back in some manner, and not that there’s not good reason to have that money going where it is.  I’m just feeling duped.  Maybe even cherry on top of the woe cake duped.

The only problem with that is probably breaking all existing links to it in a transition to WordPress that stays at the same URL.  Part of my incentive here was originally to take down the original, having migrated, saving a database.  However, I love the idea of not breaking links, however old they are.  We’ll see.

I’ll still probably want to migrate first, sign up for ads later, and have some additional new posts besides.  We’ll see.  I can build some longer run stuff to ensure someday I have side money of some usefulness, but I need any I can get now.  Frankly, even if I were adding it to the existing pot, it would be gravy… has been for the past couple hundred a month at least now that winter is over… so I’d ought to be able to count on seeing it available to me.  The only way to ensure that, though, and separate us going forward as she’s in most ways been so intent to do, is to build anythng new in my own name and be willing to walk away from the rest.

So look for my main personal public everyone knows it’s me but I may be more opinionated than on the family blog site to be, most likely, even if another domain redirects, at elhide.com/solo for the time being.

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