Twitter Updates for 2009-05-02

  • @pixxiespaz he is in derby. #
  • @CotC #
  • Oh well. Gotta put food away, shower, dry kids, run dishwasher, get to bed by 8:00 or so. Oh wait… #
  • @Ithildyn It’s more addictive than I’d have expected, but basically it’s like a stew of Twitter, LinkedIn and endless Blogthings. #
  • Need more sleep. #
  • Henry woke xy 1 tripped and cried as he left room woke me going to Deb and Mike and left door open so I could hear. #
  • They are textinh others and giggling like teens when his phone beeps every couple mins like alarm clock sounding. No sleeping here. #
  • Comopinded by bladder, actual alarm in hour, not being able to change venue bc forgot needed pants for strange person in house. #
  • That’s “compounded.” Love the auto sensing of what you want to text combined with not being able to see. #
  • Bah. Netted maybe half hour more sleep on top of a bit under 3 hours I got to start. Except,,, it was actually a solid, sound almost 3 hrs. #
  • @EternalWanderer Broken into? Doh! That’s worse than my gas getting siphoned at Boston Garden before the days of 24 hr gas everywhere. #
  • @EternalWanderer Dropped off cousin and got home on fumes. #
  • Long shift! Heavy. Down a guy. They did safety meeting today on flu hygiene. #
  • @MikeG1 Or he’s planning to dominate the market by creating an improved alternative? #
  • Very worried about wife’s health. Which is why I avoid mentioning mine. And notwithstanding whether it’s “my problem” any more. #
  • Continuing the thought, realized in the past day I’d still have no problem taking care of her if she were laid up, even forever. Married. #
  • Nor does prospect of it being possible, if not actually likely, make me want to rush the legalities. #
  • @pixxiespaz *Waves to the Vermont people* #
  • Meant to mention I did a poll of sorts on domain/name for new old blog. #
  • Wish my teeth et al would hurry up and kill me if they’re going to, rather than just teasing. 3+ hours before I can take more pain pills… #
  • My Daily Twittascope ( #
  • Put on The Goonies. Girls are GLUED to it. Not sure I can clean room around them, as was the objective of the distraction. #
  • My Daily Twittascope ( #

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