Twitter Updates for 2009-05-01

  • I leave in 17 minutes. Henry is sitting on me, wide awake, having been turned over to me 10 mins before my wake up time for Mike’s benefit. #
  • And no, I won’t always watch what the fuck I say here. #
  • Wow, he let me put him down on floor #
  • In fairness, way more complicated. Val won’t sleep, so she was up so had Mike over, then Henry joined in, 2 kids wouldn’t settle if together #
  • He went to sleep for me but woke when I had to be up. Had him ready to sleep again in office when Deb dropped Val & he heard crying. #
  • Deb’s neuro or whatever problem is worst it’s been this attack, no strength, made worse by lack of sleep, voila. #
  • Late gotta go. #
  • Sleepless ones now are asleep still, which is good. I couldn’t stay awake, fell asleep for an hour where I sit, til Sadie got up & shook me. #
  • Too bad it’s early day so she needs to be up soon. If she goes, as she can barely function & was shaking uncontrollably. I’m very worried. #
  • Downpayment on my car insurance for next year will take everything I make that’s left after rent for the next month. Yay. #
  • I still need to find a dentist who’ll just pull a bad tooth few questions asked and find out how much it’ll cost. #
  • 1993 I paid $50 to have tooth pulled, incl they did x-rays to confirm. In 1999 or 2000 I paid $50 just for nitrous insurance didn’t cover. #
  • At that rate of inflation, it ought to be about $5 grand to get a tooth pulled cash now. Heh. #
  • Odd last night Mike wasn’t going to be over, when I woke at 1:30 he wasn’t but it almost felt like it does when he is. He was on the way. #
  • No idea how I do that. Turned out to be useful, as he entertained a wakeful kid while she rested & got other to sleep, then left. #
  • She was kind of looking for me to stay home from work as I always did for her with less reason when self-employed & flexible, but couldn’t. #
  • Was sure she’d manage, especially with help, but after what transpired not sure I’d have stayed even if could have readily. Lost too much. #
  • Anyway, glad she was a bit better this AM, and was grateful to have been able to wake me to give me Henry for the brief time I was here. #
  • Trying to figure out how $77 of ad cancels reduces payout by $184. #
  • Must be ones with status of “renewing” not being included. Shouldn’t have to work to determine that. #
  • Sadie now pores thru store circulars and advises me what to buy. Or make for supper inspired by. Hoo boy. #
  • I gather I might have been the last blogger on earth to get a Facebook account. Or start actually using it, anyway. #
  • Also never thought to sign up for FB under pen name. #
  • Made a pot of coffee and was set to roll, then Henry killed a couple hours napping on me until girls woke him. Intentionally. #
  • Doesn’t matter how well-timed, they shouldn’t do that. #
  • Poor Deb got call from unknown medical office in midst of manager harassing her about having cell phone on, no ID, garbled message, missed. #
  • Hope it was wrong number. No calls here, as she called me to check. But yeah, nice timing, when she has it on for medical calls. #
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