Poll of Sorts

I plan a new old blog, to which I will attempt to port my original and which will be more like that than the marital blogs have been.  Not sure to what degree I may continue/resume posting on special topics at designated other blogs (and how can I be “Married Guy Cook” anymore anyway – thinking I might keep domain, strike out Married and replace it with Daddy, but could just retire it), or for that matter what I may post at the marital blog (or family blog, as I now call it), which had long since been de facto mine alone anyway.  Deb hadn’t posted since October, and not much before that, with her last couple posts relating to lack of posting, censorship, and unhappiness.  In my swaths of life story that comprised my first counseling visit this week, I talked in small part (it was a huge amount of talking and barely touched on anything current) about writing and blogging, its therapeutic value, and not having been free to write how I really feel the past few years.   And I still won’t, fully, not where it’s widely known, potentially read by any and all family and others.  Blogblivion, which is a cool domain name but which I never liked remotely as much as Accidental Verbosity – it just made Deb so happy, and that’s what I was always about, more than some people would suspect – may still get kid pictures and some particularly public updates on them, medical stuff, whatever.  Blogblivion also suffers from association in my mind with when things started spinning out of control for us, with my passivity reaching the point where I had to change if I didn’t want to risk exactly what transpired since.  In a way, the last thing I want to do is post to or look at it again, but it’s what and where people expect.  Then again, hasn’t stopped us before, and most of the stuff ever posted there is broken due to my incomplete WordPress migration.  Odd that pMachine sounds easier to migrate, at least using an old version of WordPress as the initial target.

Now, I’d thought of using this domain, leaving the archives or porting them, going from here.  I’m not even sure I want the prominent Jay Solo connection any more, though.  Also, in case it could attract any link ads, I tried to migrate this blog, which had none, off of the account our other blogs are on.  It’s like a direct payment from me to Deb of about $700/month toward the household expenses besides rent, of which she pays $550 and I pay $500 each week from our other income.  Trouble is, that leaves me with nothing.  Since this blog had no links sold, I deleted it and tried to put it in my own ad account.  Not allowed.  I no longer own the rights to ads on it through that service.  With a personal blog as a successor to the original, I can hope to generate a linkworthy place, but it couldn’t use solojay.com, and thus has to be changed.  This one can either port there too, or be used for some but not all stuff, or retired.  The old blog has more traffic than this one, after being essentially closed in early 2004.  But… elhide.com/solo?  Not a good URL.

I could use elhide.com root and not worry about it being associated with my e-mail address and professional identity.  Anyone wants, they can find my original stuff anyhow.  I know.  I do those searches myself.

I could use one of the geeky domains, but pretty much ruled that out as they wouldn’t fit and have other prospective uses.  Similar to reasons for not using domains associated with the former business.

I have tangentmart.com, divinehamster.com, and harshlymellow.com as other options.  Either that or realitybucket could be repurposed.  It was originally going to be a personal blog for me anyway, or else a reality TV/American Idol site, with a politics site with a snarky/libertarian but also any opinion goes slant being the third option and the one we took that didn’t fly.  Yet it has an ad that more than pays its way even if we never post.  And that would give that domain the same problem as this domain has – I no longer own the rights to use it fully without going all nuclear.

Harshly Mellow has been used and fairly prominently, but it’s been a long time.  Not sure I like the name/tone.

Tangent Mart was used briefly and at least I knew about it, and so I associated it heavily with Deb, even though it’s now mine and it’s one of the most clever things ever, and fits with the verbosity concept.  Since what is it that gets me?  Tangents.

Divine Hamster was inspired by a secretary at my former large client, and was either not used, or used even more briefly.  It would be a whole new brand, more than the rest, probably with an attempt to theme it accordingly.  This is, you might be guessing, where I currently lean.  With my second choice being the original clunky URL.

Thus the poll, now that I’ve gotten through the rest.  Any opinions?  I have to be done typing, because I’m hours past starting housework and an hour past starting supper, which the girls just came in and reminded me.  They’re getting way too old.

Feel free to comment, or e-mail Jay at this domain, or any other e-mail address known to you.

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