Twitter Updates for 2009-04-29

  • Head killing me. Take the teeth. Take the cold/whatever I’ve had. Add what the barometer is doing to make wind & huge temp drop. Ouch! #
  • After hours of tossing, turning, poor sleep, headache, got up. Found a big hour and a half had passed. #
  • Can always sense Mike is here with Deb, even with know advance knowledge or physical indication. Like other presence disturbs the Force. #
  • Well, then I’ll realize it’s logical, like first of her days off being better than normal, and having been too many days to go longer. #
  • @Shurakai There’s good reason the people locally at FredCo don’t enforce every tiniest corporate policy fully every time. They need people. #
  • I hate automatic updates of anything. #
  • Didn’t make plans for my “day off’ per se. Make some calls, insist on time to do some productive things, I guess. #
  • A shame I’m now risking being late, having woken on my own at 2:00 or so. #
  • Early day. Debating going to store on way as breadngot moldy sped our usage yesterday. Without plans may not leave house later. #
  • Popping into stop & shop for a couple things even if I stay in all day. Though should go but work gloves… #
  • Groovin by the rascals has a line that always sounds like “you and me and Leslie” to me. A threesome? #
  • Pillsbury and Duncan hines make canned frostings that have no milk, incl choc fudge and classic chocolate. FYI to stepmother who asked. #
  • Looks like all Betty crocker frostings have milk, by comparison. #
  • Odd. Sadie is up but rest seem to be asleep still, sans visitor emitted nocturnally. #
  • RT @MikeG1 Warner Music DMCA takedown targets Youtube presentation by Larry Lessig. This should be fun to watch. #
  • @mhking Trips right off my tongue. Seemed he was a real swine. #
  • @phillymac Is “ahem” a modifier, so it’s better than a normal good morning? Or worse? Or is it a euphemism for “oh crap gotta be awake”? #
  • RT @SSCRepair Lifehacker’s Five Best Malware Removal Tools – (I’ve used 3, aware of 1, other new to me, swear by Spybot.) #
  • Augh, it’s late. Need to tend to kids and get on with day. #
  • I have my nerve conductivity test to look forward to Monday morning, finally. Dr winced and said “ouch” when he heard I’d be having it. Oops #
  • Noooo! It’s the vaccine! Mercury done it! Lawyers paid a guy to publish a study PROVING it!1!! #
  • Future ex mom in law managed to catch elusive daughter on phone. Reminds me I need to make calls. #
  • One of which *should* have resulted in an appointment today. Oops. #
  • One of my calls I needed to make called me first. Appointment at 11 AM tomorrow. Should be interesting. Need to call neurosurgeon, too. #
  • @phillymac Perhaps they disagreed? :> #
  • @phillymac Haven’t been watching, but Kris seems to be generating increased excitement. #
  • Pretty bad when utilities on UBCD or such have trouble checking the drive on the computer to analyze/fix. #
  • Heh. Can’t help switching from AHCI to ATA if it’s on the latter already. Went other way. Had to ponder longer, but still unmountable. #
  • 0x000000ED made me think “erectile dysfunction? maybe it needs computer Viagra to boot it up?” #
  • Trying chkdsk /r again. At least, I assume I used /r last time, when it ran hours then froze. #
  • Hello deja vu my old friend… Got up to 69% on chkdsk /r then jumped back to 50% and past experience says it’ll hang there. #
  • If it doesn’t budge from 50% in short order I’ll assume it’s the same deal and put it away, as it’s in way of making dinner. #
  • @samablog That’s too funny! RT Not for Twitter: #
  • Time to work on dishes and make supper. Will return to problem laptop tomorrow. #
  • My Daily Twittascope ( #

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