Twitter Updates for 2009-04-28

  • Could do without the phase where they learn to fight viciously, including pulling hair out. #
  • Bedtime comes way too soon. And right at prime time for unable to breathe in house due to neighborly firepit nutjobs. #
  • Hadn’t put the burning past couple days together with the sore throat until a little while ago. Tonight it’s worse. #
  • Forgot to take pail killers & Val was snoring/breathing loud enough to keep me awake. #
  • I’ll try again in a bit. Told Deb was jealous she works through firepit primetime, way she used to say she was jealous I got to go to work. #
  • Fancier wording for my sound bite description of tweets: De-contextualization. Good post on biz/legalities: (for @CotC) #
  • Wanted to get early start out to bank, store and playground. Not sure how early I’ll actually manage. #
  • Been meaning to blog about how good my back has been. Now it’s acting up again, upper and of all things my neck. Different from before. #
  • Sent Deb back to bed, figure she should take chance for extra sleep. Taking all the kids, was planning on leaving her alone anyway. #
  • Looking at friends of a friend on FB, found she was connected to one of our MS colleagues, from there seeing bunch of familiar names. #
  • Grabbed the phone when my mother called. Pretty sure she knows, and was waiting for me to say something about the D word. #
  • Heh. The D word: Not just a data type anymore. #
  • My grandmother is doing better. Still not certain she’ll end up home, but more likely. Will require a ramp, if so. #
  • My cousin is going to Scotland, no idea why. My mother told her look up the Johnston clan stuff. That’s us, via my grandfather’s mother. #
  • Speaking of family business, looks like Irving stations are sprouting up like crazy in this part of MA where there’d been none before. #
  • Anyway, back on course now… #
  • What’s Your Birthday’s Wisdom? – – Your Birthday’s Wisdom is Balance #blogthings #
  • What Hairstyle Are You? – – You Are a Mullet #blogthings #
  • At wendys in west bridgewater with the crew. #
  • Salt and pepper shakers are just so cool if you are 3 or 4. #
  • Now have kids at playground in Halifax, to sadie’s dismay even though she wanted this one. #
  • Kids had first stuff ever from ice cream truck, which had tons of stuff safe for Henry. Shame he dislikes the temperature. #
  • Amuses me to be helping with VB program prob from playground. #
  • @Shurakai Was going to say never had to fire people but I was hatchet man any time we showed a partner the door. #
  • Kids do a good job ensuring they get taken out places as I can. It’s a pleasure having people praise their behavior even above cuteness. #
  • @EternalWanderer Me neith- What were you saying? #

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