Twitter Updates for 2009-04-27

  • @sharone75 Yep it’s that weather. Sadie had idea to add bread & butter to the mix, which was awesome. #
  • Looks like Twitter is being less liberal in applying automatic TinyURL to links. #
  • @michellefino struck me as possibly interesting to you, via @kirsteno. #
  • Cooled off nicely. About time to get the rats to bed. This is some serious schedule slippage! #
  • #cotc Carnival of the Capitalists for 4/27/09: #
  • Time to get back to sleep! #
  • @sharone75 What? #
  • @robmay They’re a great publication, known for their accuracy! #
  • @isfullofcrap Infinitely so. #
  • Before the youngest 2 woke me, I was having a dream in which I was about to be hired by Microsoft & being lauded by former colleagues. #
  • Funny, once turned down opportunity to interview at Microsoft as I didn’t want to move to WA, & was lucky they wanted me there not NC or TX. #
  • Think I’m going to have to burn new system rescue CDs. Kids can reach almost anywhere & won’t leave anything in my office alone, can’t find. #
  • I keep catching them with stuff they shouldn’t ever have and that I’d have thought were out of reach or too buried to get. #
  • Sadie is all excited because I finally used the Mickey Mouse ice cube trays. Ran the traditional ones through dishwasher. #
  • Updated my current position on LinkedIn to Recovering Business Owner and wrote a new description I genuinely like. #
  • Setup my niece’s husband’s biz on Twitter, offered to tweet for them or turn it over. Better to ask forgiveness than permission. #
  • So welcome @hardscapesun to Twitter. #
  • Need to get kids clean and dressed, take us all to bank, then whatever. Maybe playground again with it nicer than expected. #
  • It’d be useful if they slept well and were crashing early tonight. #
  • @MikeG1 Only if it was from Paul Harvey. #
  • I’m not sure I can actually get us to the bank. Maybe in the morning. But I shuld still take them to playground. #
  • Sprouted an annoying sore throat yesterday afternoon. Wish it would go away. Along with overwhelming desire to sleep. #
  • Finally installing my Blackberry software on not my preferred machine because hello obsolete. It must be slowest installation ever. #
  • The machine that has Outlook & all my appointment stuff, and my full OE address book, won’t be able to synchronize with the Blackberry. #
  • But my main concern is downloading the pictures. Which, wait, mainly get stored and processed on the OLD machine too. Oops. #
  • Ooh, a restart. Exciting. #
  • I had 132 pictures on the Blackberry, almost filling it. Glad I took care of that. A few are even decent. #
  • Henry is smitten with music coming from the phone. With ear buds the sound is even good. Just can’t hold much. #
  • Poor Henry. First he fell asleep & Sadie took it upon herself to wake him so he had to sleep on me. Then he woke again after a couple hours. #
  • Tragic. Topped off by being tackled and sat on by Val as he wandered to the kitchen. #
  • Feel a bit better after snoozing part of the time I held napping boy. That’s to the good. #
  • Supper was going to be pasta with red sauce. Getting late, though, and lunch was a big meal. Hmmm… #
  • We do that sometimes, so Deb gets a hearty meal with us before she has to flee to work. Made her some garlic rosemary fries. #
  • My Daily Twittascope ( #

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