Twitter Updates for 2009-04-25

  • @Shurakai Not my intent, but that’s going to be the end result. #
  • Been with Dr for 7 years.1st time he has called me, personally, except when I was supposed to look at his wife’s computer & she was AWOL. #
  • He wanted me to take Val to urgent care clinic there in AM say he sent us. Wants to be sure she doesn’t have urinary infection. #
  • @danabrit Got mint filled Oreos for allergy boy today. So good! Taste a lot like the Girl Scout mint cookies. #
  • Forgot about my baby picture messing things up for some people. I’ll have to change it again Real Soon Now. #
  • Famous brand roasting chicken was on sale. Never had a store brand come out so bad before. Edible, but what breast was there was rubbery. #
  • Corn on the cob was exceptional. First I’ve bought this year, as good as it looked in the store. Kids loved it. #
  • Don’t think I will ever get used to Mike being here with her at night, no matter how hard she’s pushed me away to be sure it’s permanent. #
  • Also, if she drives them, kind of hard for me to do a look out the window to see if his Jeep is here. Which I do even knowing for sure. #
  • It was the plan, with Friday the new and only real date night with their schedules. #
  • Tooth/head pain didn’t dissipate entirely with sleep today. Got tense from bladder last hour before woke. Tension/stress provokes it. #
  • Shoot, better have some coffee! Got up early enough for it. Now almost too late. #
  • @shartlen I’d noticed a bunch of other drops and blamed it entirely on my bouts of angst spewage, not remembering that pic was a problem. #
  • I keep thinking about changing my current status/title in LinkedIn to Recovering Business Owner. #
  • Oh well. Only one coffee it is. Gotta fly out the door. #
  • An actual long shift. It was brutal. Sure my days are numbered bc blood pressure pills kicked in strong. #
  • Otoh I was cornered Into telling pt manager about divorce after she declared how much my wife must love me. #
  • Which engenders sympathy and helps also explain some of my slipping, prob more than I’d cedited before. #
  • Time to go see if he managed a whole night there or went home for better sleep. Rush to get me and kids to doctor yay. #
  • Ran late this morning. Twitter got consulted for my status. Oops. #
  • Getting ready to take Val to doctor and kids out for the nice day. Hope doctor’s office isn’t too busy. #
  • Looks like urgent care soointment should roll along fast now that we are here. #
  • Burger King has the good toys: spongebob #
  • Very successful BK visit. Now walmart says my prescriptions are ready early so there then a playground. #
  • Shortest Wal-Mart run ever, then massive time at west side playground. Only ones there at first. 12 Other kids when we left! #
  • Sadie is more social than she seems, especially in the face of gregarious others. We only left because Val got thirsty and begged. #
  • Henry mastered climbing up & down steps of big slide, I avoided heart failure. In end he even slid! Backward. Over and over with glee. #
  • Sadie learned tricks from her new friend (whose name she actually heard & remembered, even if I couldn’t tell if Sadie said May or Mary). #
  • Val managed to fall off a platform at least 4 feet to ground, trying to do something hard, shrugged and walked away. #

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