Twitter Updates for 2009-04-24

  • Was just able promptly to supply former client with old user and password info for computer I installed in satellite office in March 2005. #
  • Office was kind of a vanity project of one particular attorney, seldom used. They finally closed it. Suspect PC is now at manager’s house. #
  • Couldn’t sleep. Headache/toothache so bad I can totally understand my great-grandfather. #
  • Not that I’d been herting to bank Fridays anyway, but payday dynamic changes with her on earlier shift that day. #
  • Deb is showing off her brilliance about how thiongs should be done effectively there, doing a few early Fridays to prove point. Very cool. #
  • @Shurakai Doh!! Silly Blackberry. #
  • I have a friend who used to talk me into this or that, and eventually I learned that if he encouraged me to do something, I should run away. #
  • Interrupted. She was in fighting mood. I am never in fighting mood. Fighting leads to soundbite understanding, which doesn’t work. #
  • What Vitamin Are You? – – You Are Vitamin A #blogthings #
  • What I was leading to was I have come to view her the same way, so if she wants it I should do the opposite. Trouble is, she changes mind. #
  • Even in the one long conversation/argument this AM she went from pushing hard for me to take the potentially cool possibly bad/trap work to #
  • assuring me it’s as well if I don’t, do whatever I want. Between us we know 3 other candidates, including her, so probably can fill it. #
  • She feels trapped at her job & based on what has transpired, but she’s amazing and gives herself waaaay too little credit as to options. #
  • She seems not to have any idea how much I admire her talent, intelligence and efforts, both at the job & in the fiber arts design I geek on. #
  • And as I was telling her, RE tomorrow she meets boyfriend’s crazy mother for 1st time at b’day party, she’s charming yet firm, will be fine. #
  • @samablog That’s one way I was looking at it. Trouble is the lowly helpdesk project probably has 100 applicants, may be filled already. #
  • Oh goodness, look at my wrist. Where did the time go? Oh wait, there was the big chunk spent involuntarily discussing things. #
  • High finance. #
  • Interesting that most new followers don’t generate e-mail saying so and so has now followed me. #
  • Enough high finance. Gotta feed the kids lunch, do other work. #
  • @samablog I applied! Then I took the excuse of T-Mobile goofing yesterday to e-mail again today “in case they’d called” when line was dead. #
  • Well that went badly. #
  • @EternalWanderer Had I seen this timely and been better equipped to pack kids and go, they’d have loved to run and get you. #
  • @EternalWanderer Or you could have called or texted me from your cell I thought you owned but I was wrong. #
  • Right! Besides time to put chicken in oven & open windows to vent heat, was supposed to work on computer & do invoice for tiny web work. #
  • Too late for latter now, as manager leaves early. #
  • Caught Sadie using whiteboard markers she shouldn’t have been able to get at to draw on paper. Introduced them to whiteboard. Magic! #
  • It would have been a brilliant idea for occupying them, had I thought of it pointedly. #
  • I dread finding another place to live. Price of rooms says it may as well be a full apartment. Gonna have to luck out. #
  • I mean, after I have a job for real, otherwise it’s just going to be crashing with someone or some car/tent arrangement. #
  • @EternalWanderer A phone added to a family plan is $10/mo pretty universally, no? I could have kept spare line & given it to you for that. #
  • @Shurakai But… but… isn’t Geocities2009® easier? #
  • @Shurakai That’s right! You got promoted, so you can do stuff like that, more or less. #
  • @shartlen I agree on old houses, & see e-mail for reply to DM. #
  • Annoying when tooth starts to kick up, and it’s combined/caused with stress & tiredness. #
  • Feeling a bit bad if I don’t get more cleaning done, as he’s likely to be over tonight, however late. #

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