Twitter Updates for 2009-04-23

  • Just realized a danger of Twitter is the potential for tweets to be proverbial “sound bites” lacking full context or explication. #
  • Which came from thinking I’d done lately about how hard it is to explain how I got her in sound bites, including ones exchanged with her. #
  • Here, not her. How I got *here* to this point in life and marriage and stuff. #
  • WTF, over? (Boston weather graphic Thur thru Wed temps go 55, 70, 85, 87, 88, 87, 84!!) #
  • The herd of wild children are ready for bed. I was too, at about 9 this morning. Aw, I guess I am again. Um, still. 2 AM comes way to soon. #
  • Kids not coping well with bedtime. #
  • Sad to get sleeping comfortably just in time to have to rush to work. #
  • Created Ultimate Boot CD and System Rescue CD to attempt to use on hosed laptop. Booting my Vista box from the latter as we tweet. #
  • I have a conundrum. #
  • Work is trying to throw itself at me, but the wrong work, the wrong rates, and not enough to truly overcome child care challenges. #
  • She says she really wants me to contribute more than my current $1200 a month to the rent and utilities and sundries. #
  • And that child care is no object because *someone* could take the kids for the relevant 11 – 18 hours a week. #
  • And that never sleeping or seeing boyfriend & being burdened with them so much of the time would be acceptable even though it’s not. #
  • Option 1: $16.50/hr for 1-2 mos helpdesk, in my actual field, presumed normal work hours. That’s send resume, maybe we’ll call solicitation. #
  • I was already unsure of that, due to temp nature, and assuming $180/wk babysitting out of $660 gross. #
  • Option 2: $12/hr “1099” at building materials store, including some cold calling (almost a showstopper out of the box), web updates, etc. #
  • Total 47 hrs a week, some flexibility if time needed off, etc. Informal bonuses for increased business/big orders brought in. #
  • As perm as I want it to be, entirely out of my field, if not entirely out of stuff I have a history of. #
  • Since it’s kind of for family, I’d feel worse about leaving after too little time, for better/more appropriate or for not liking it. #
  • If I factor extra taxes, lost subsidies, and minimum expected child care costs, the $12/hr thing would net maybe $214 less base taxes. #
  • By “extra taxes” I mean the difference between self-employment tax and employee portion of social security if a paycheck. #
  • Anyway, that means net result – not counting added gas and such – would be $50 or so for an extra 31 hours a week of work. #
  • I could generate an extra $50/wk some other way, if I needed. I managed to generate $500/mo extra during the winter months to cover heat. #
  • Time to celebrate the offer by spending the day submitting resumes everywhere. #
  • Qwitter is an interesting idea, but not useful if it batches everything as if it happened after one tweet rather than over time. #
  • My Twitter personality: popular inquisitive cautious My style: garrulous coherent POET #
  • As of the point when my cell switched from family to solo plan T-Mobile seems to have goofed and canceled it instead. Good job. #
  • We may as well not have paid it all up a week or so ago. #
  • T-Mobile customer service rocks. And yeah, that’s exactly what happened; crossed wires on the changeover. #
  • Hope the people I sent a resume to earlier didn’t try to call me. That’s the number that was provided. Oops. #
  • @Shurakai Felt better once I learned Kerri Green was 18 when they filmed it. She was the oldest of the kids. #

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