Twitter Updates for 2009-04-22

  • @chucksimmins No bruising. No pain. Feels like swollen lymph or huge blind pimple or such. Is pinhole bleeding though. Not too worried. #
  • Just finished supper, got kids in bath, started dishwasher. Need to wash some by hand, clean up, take shower, get to bed 14 minutes ago. #
  • Why on earth would predictive text make aomething out of something? I don’t watch it closely when what I type has to be obvious to it. #
  • OK, time for bed, headache or not, ready or not. #
  • May not be able to die of tooth pain, but sure could wish it. #
  • Forgot not only does Mike’s new schedule mean getting here at 1:30 AM if there’s a conjugal, but also he’ll arrive just before I am due up. #
  • Managed to be up just before 1st alarm, then stepped on Henry’s head because he’d ended up on floor at foot of my bed. Poor kid. #
  • Val running around house screaming for mom may have helped me wake up early. Not much of a conjugal if 20 mins after arrival kids barge in. #
  • Oh well. Coffee ought to be done. I should write post, and burn CDs. Shame to have to get dressed in my own house to walk around at 2-odd AM #
  • @Shurakai Tooth pain is regular thing, but not able to mention because she has it at least as bad. I have 1 just needs pulling , she has 3. #
  • Working on plans to meet up with lawyer friend/former client sometime today, sounds like late morning. #
  • This is why I like to get up at 2:00 to leave at 3:30. It’s been barely enough time to have coffee, answer e-mail, do a couple minor things. #
  • Efficiently run shift. I did a ton of incompatibles and not so much unloading. #
  • Now to go home and are if Mike will be there into the day or already left. And shower, charge phone, flee myself. #
  • Makes sense he’d want to go home and get sleep, which is impossible here once kids, as many as all 3, start climbing in her bed with them. #
  • My meeting with lawyer friend is completely indeterminate until he texts me from the courthouse as to how things are looking. #
  • So I’ll just hang around Stoughton as needed in the meantime. Once I finish this coffee I’ll shower and be ready to head out whenever. #
  • RT @stevewhitaker In honor of Earth Day, I’ll take the baby seals out of my SUV’s trunk and give them some corn-based ethanol. #
  • Another kid up, hugged, in search of a drink, preferably coffee-based. How did we manage that? I’m told it’s my fault. It usually is. #
  • You know its bad when ramp stops #
  • Good chat with lawyer friend. He too never wants to be in a partnership again. #
  • Always freaks me out when little or no email or tweeta show up on blackberry. #
  • As glady mother isn’t home, I think. Wish teeth didn’t hurt so bad. Need to decide what to do next. Hard to stay away from home. #
  • Need sleep badly. That is making me stress clench and provoking tooth and head pain. #
  • Not likimg pain that makes me feel like I may pass out from it in middle of store. #
  • Mark the calendar! Only $22 in groceries this trip. #
  • Really don’t want to go home. Except I do, to relax and do some needed things. Just that will not be end result. #
  • What we’d like is a dentist in the area who would simply pull a tooth that’s dead, period, for a reasonable price. No fuss. No argument. #

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