Twitter Updates for 2009-04-21

  • I seem to have fathered polar bear cubs. #
  • @juliejulie A new answer has been posted by @jaysolo for your question at #TweetBrain #
  • Time for bed. Have hours of work to do first. Have to be up for the day in 6 hours. #
  • 3 Weeks in a row CotC has been instalinked. Very cool. #
  • Fun teaching Sadie wordplay humor but easy to create a monster. Sleep is good. #
  • #
  • #
  • Never dreamed I’d be teaching my daughter how to draw. Apparently she grew frustrated with her skill level, had me draw myself for insight. #
  • Not bad, except I can’t seem to do hands and feet. #
  • Working with a kid or two on lap is interesting. Got the main rest of info needed for review of site I’m updating so can be done. #
  • They do stuff like change phone extensions around, so when I have an update anyway, I get a current list and check them against it. #
  • Sadie didn’t appreciate that I thought her drawing of herself looked like #
  • She’s saying “ick ick ick” to each of the Peanuts characters I show her. Too funny. #
  • What Personality Disorder Are You? – – You May Be a Bit Borderline… #blogthings #
  • Ultimate Boot CD was the tool I’d tried once before & was trying to remember: #
  • Impressive. The tub actually needs chemicals to unplug the drain this time, not just tools. #
  • Duck beaks are inexorable and not to be taken lightly. #
  • Just napped with Henry. Fell asleep holding him but he got red itchy spots where his skin touched printing on my shirt so laid down. #
  • No question he has some residual contact allergy issue with an ingredient in screen printing ink. Absolutely certain. #
  • Now still have hours of stuff to do, supper to make, bedtime in 2.5 hours, and cannot be n this house tomorrow no matter what. #
  • She expended a great deal of effort trying to get a rise out of me while she was here today. I am USING “my” day out to cope. #
  • This is why I don’t normally nap. There simply is no time. At least turkey burgers & potato puffs requested by Sadie are quick & easy. #
  • Speaking of food, Valerie discovered today that dried apricots are her favorite food ever. Helps that they’re decent ones. #
  • Working on plans to be Not Home significant chunks of tomorrow. Thursday looks good enough I can take kids out for a while, helping then. #
  • Of course, need to burn a couple different recovery/diagnostic CDs I downloaded ISOs for today & spend a day troubleshooting for $. But hey. #

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