Twitter Updates for 2009-04-20

  • The Evil One is buying Sun? Well, sounded like someone was gonna have to soon. #
  • #cotc Carnival of the Capitalists for 4/20/09: #
  • I should perhaps watch what I type when I am feeling especially cynical, sleep-deprived, sick, depressive, or whatnot. #
  • @robmay Funny thing, I actually had thought to do a ring check. None, then she spoke of kids being at home with their father. #
  • Are You a Dreamer or a Doer? – – You Are a Doer #blogthings #
  • Observation: Most of the parents at playground yesterday were men. Wonder how much is norm and how much is day of week. #
  • Thought: Having cute kids along almost seems like having a dog/puppy as an attention getter/conversation starter. #
  • Version control, dude. Version control. #
  • Gotta review this site for any other changes needed while I am having a billable incident, then move along, see what else I can get done. #
  • Malthus lied, people thrived. #
  • @OneFineJay Hey, it’s the other Jay! The gang is increasingly all here. #
  • All roads lead to Twitter, and that is where all bloggers end (up). #
  • Former client parting ways with the deadwood in the firm he started. Thought of me first for tech questions. #
  • Really wish we had our own place with a big yard. Kids are dying to go out, little one most of all. After whole day of that, not again yet. #
  • Back to the work that was interrupted by e-mail and Henry claiming falsely he wanted to nap. #
  • @stinson Glad you appreciated it! #
  • Henry is opposed to waking up so I can make supper. #
  • Just heard Henry say “no” coherently 1st time the other day. He just got a boot stuck on foot and chided it “no no noo!” while wrestling it. #

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