Twitter Updates for 2009-04-19

  • This has been a crazy sick out of sorts sleep deprived aimless distracted day. Usually Saturday feels high energy, then I collapse. #
  • Should have guessed this would be a night of having Mike over. Especially since I didn’t clean or do dishes and am mortified. #
  • Because you should always be mortified at what the wife’s boyfriend might think #
  • I am so pissed I didn’t think of that, no matter how awful I felt. If he’s around in the morning I’m not going to want to lift a finger. #
  • Figured once I’d had a full sleep I’d attack the place. Because that totally gets me a good job, and hasn’t that been the plan the 5 years? #
  • I mean, keeping me barefoot and washing dishes so she could screw me over. #
  • We can say it wasn’t a factor all we want, but his presence really did clinch her deciding to dump me after she caused official reasoning. #
  • I do believe I have lost access to my original Blogger account. Can’t figure out how to get in to import to WordPress. #
  • Not important, but sad. Main thing was pMachine to WordPress. For which I really need a very old version of WP to start, 1.2 or 1.3 IIRC. #
  • Just realized I am making a breakthrough. Been obsessed with whether she’s happy. Starting not to care if she’s happy or not. I need to be. #
  • Cool! There is an archive of WordPress releases: #
  • Amused by #herebeforeoprah which hell yeah, I was. #
  • That was a very rough night of sleep. Val barged into closed office before I could get back to bed, then whole gang got up, Mike left 5:30. #
  • Feel sort of better today, but still muzzy. We’ll see how it goes. Coffee will be done Real Soon Now and changes everything. #
  • Seems to be very effective when kids get in way to “go on strike” or “timeout” myself, at least when I’m in the middle of serving them. #
  • They like to get between me and counter/sink/stove. Get upset if I go sit instead of making food or getting drinks. Behave better. #
  • Doesn’t work as well for, say, obstructing doing dishes, which is how I ended up back here. #
  • Also didn’t work on the last adult I tried it with on a large, multi-year scale, despite obviousness I’d stopped “making lunch” in protest. #
  • Helps to know when to end the protest and move on because it’s not working, rather than being swept away by inertia. Back to dishes. #
  • @MikeG1 I’m totally with you. Like stuff conveniently located, but would prefer to be somewhere country. Barring that, large property. #
  • I’ve never gotten used to having neighbors after growing up with none. People 2 houses over may as well be in room with me. Apartments? Ha! #
  • Oatmeal for kids should be done now. Served strategically, it’s considered a huge treat. #
  • Preparing to take kids nowhere particular today. Need gas in Buick, stuff at store, stop at landlord’s. Maybe hit playground or family. #
  • Aw foo, forgot CotC. Really don’t want to tweet like 20 entries in a row this evening last minute. #
  • Kids have calmed down while I did some CotC tweets. NOW maybe I can get us ready and go somewhere for the afternoon. #
  • Brought kids to playground in Halifax. #
  • Trying to get FB client on blackberry its groundhog setup. #
  • Leaving Halifax playground. Val sad. Seeking food next. #
  • Eating at McDonald’s in Plymouth. Good kids. Knock wood. #
  • Funny even a bit embarrassing having random people fawn over how beautiful the 3 kids are. #
  • Now to Plymouth walmart for a couple things. Then home. They want to check out Nelson st playground sometime, after going by it. #
  • Home, but Sadie thought we were going to grandmas and other 2 are out cold. #
  • Realized later the cool Wal-Mart cashier Henry rightly flirted with & who was comparing her 2 kids to mine reminded me of Donut Girl. #
  • Aged by about the right amount, which is coming up on 6 years. #

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