Twitter Updates for 2009-04-18

  • Doesn’t work to have her home at bedtime. #
  • Glad I can rock work on zombie rest of day no sleep no caffeine. Still, 5 min late Nfg. #
  • Bed late, kids wild, about when settled she took them, talked loudly kept me awake got sore moved to office floor #
  • Once I was in office val screamed outside door several minutes. #
  • @sMoRTy71 A day for appreciating happy husbands? What about unhappy ones? #
  • Henry just took his nap in the morning instead of later. On me. During much of which I was also snoozing. Not feeling caught up, but better. #
  • Yesterday when I was feeding kids remembered a dream snippet I’d had with that scene about 1991. Freaky when that happens. #
  • Hey, I should remember to take my blood pressure pills today! What a concept. #
  • Henry is having a massive reaction that can only be because sister gave him cheese, but seems much for that, and despite Benadryl. #
  • May not have helped that he drooled back out almost 1/3 of the Benadryl dose, Did Not Want. #
  • @pixxiespaz #
  • Running out of high places to put things. Nor should everything need to go there, as kids *should* be capable of learning. #
  • Especially when I react with let’s call it a “concerned” tone. Over and over and over. #
  • Meanwhile, poor Henry. He looks all pockmarked. It’s almost as if washing his face thoroughly made it worse. #
  • Anyway, back to seeing if the chicken is still good & putting it in oven if expectedly so. Need to work on CotC before last minute, too. #
  • Stop & Shop totally failed to supply me with a store brand roasting chicken that stayed unspoiled through its sale date. #
  • Sadie is sad it won’t be supper. For “getting late to start it anyway” values. Oh well. #
  • RT @paulhsieh Excellent Harry Potter trailer: (I really need to catch up on seeing those movies.) #
  • Sadie’s drawings are getting interesting. Latest: Deb’s on an island and I’m on ocean in boat going to get her. #
  • Before that: Sadie in chair watching Superman on TV, reading a book, with a drink & a bowl of blueberries to snack on. #
  • @Shurakai My BFF Jill? #
  • Kids in tub. Had early supper. Main interest was in pears, of which they used three, #
  • @Shurakai Commercials a couple years back for one of the phone cos, mom frustrated by everyone texting, they talked like that and one line #
  • @Shurakai was “IDK, my BFF Jill?” Which your IDK tweet brought to mind. #
  • @Shurakai Deb would have found it hilarious. Shared culture FTW. #
  • @Shurakai Of course, now I can’t read “huh?” without hearing it in that Penny-like tone, which Deb suspected was inspired by Willow. #
  • @juliejulie The world may never know. #

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