Twitter Updates for 2009-04-17

  • Texas Roadhouse was awesome. Line dancing waitresses were amusing. Well, they weren’t that. The concept was. #
  • Sad that they could all have been my daughters had I bot been relationally retarded enough to keep me untimely and almost not at all. #
  • 1.5 hours late for bed. Better get moving now that I’ve checked the computer a bit. Kids await. #
  • @neeqie Doh! Hate it when that happens. #
  • Was actually hoping she didn’t make it home so I could call in. Got to sleep 10. Henry woke screaming 1-odd. Would only sleep more upright. #
  • So what more sleep I got has been sitting up in desk chair with pillow to make it bearable & blanket on him. She finally got here 3. #
  • Waiting for coffee to brew so I can have a single cup before I leave. Gotta stop tweeting in moment to get ready. Gotta nap today period. #
  • Couldn’t bring myself to mention D word to my mother. Suspect she’s heard rumblings. After being awake 17 hrs didn’t feel awake enough to. #
  • This is going to be a low 2 weeks pay. But maybe I can get home and go back to sleep! #
  • A shame we finished this much earlier not on volume but on my getting my speed back despite no sleep. #
  • Need to recover my useful for the day. Val woke me out of a sound post-work nap because her mother just wasn’t good enough. Crazy dream too. #
  • Looks like Google must have just updated all Page Ranks for all our sites. Ouch. The 6 that had dropped to 5 is now 3. #
  • Not quite sure what to do with hysterical crying Henry who does NOT want to be held. But who periodically tries to climb me. #
  • Poor kids. Time to feed them lunch. And do some cleaning and such. #
  • Apparently chicken salad imparts an inhuman burst of energy to small children. #
  • Wasted day. Keep falling asleep. This time with napping boy on my lap. #
  • Are You Dusk or Dawn? – – You Are Dawn #blogthings #
  • How Many of Your Needs Are Being Met? – – None of Your Needs Are Being Met #blogthings #

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