As you know if you actually read this place, which few do, it’s been mainly a repository for digests of my @jaysolo Twitter activity each day.  All well and good, but not the most compelling reading, and not what I had in mind even before Deb decided to finalize the process of dumping me.

While I still won’t feel that I can say anything here – even the preceding sentence is phrased in a way that might raise ire were she to swing by, and I hate to offend her because then she might dump m… oh wait! – I am willing to say more and make it where more of my writing goes, from the back to being me and not an appendage and silly to be on a marital blog when it’s been slain perspective.

Further, I have my ancient blogs that this in some ways continues, and those have content in old blogging software that might be safer replicated here.  Which also makes this site richer in content and more appeaking for ad sales.  Since it attracted none yet, I removed it entirely from the account I manage that markets primarily my sites but that is in Deb’s name at the agent we use.  I’ll add it to an account that’s entirely my own.  Sites that have existing ads will require her approval to migrate with continuity.  It may be desirable to leave them as they are toward household/child support/daycare expenses, but I am set up to have such a migration happen if as and when.  Preferably smoothly, but I’m ultimately in control of whether ads remain there.

As I was saying, I may start migrating/copying all or best of posts from the original blogs to here, either date-adjusted to be as of same time they originally appeared, or current, depending.  Add some depth, content, search mojo. erc.

I may also move this domain to different hosting.  Which relates to the above.  The blog is highly personal, but I put it on hosting that was primarily for business – hers and mine – and for the business oriented blog.  We’ve backed off from that, but in dividing things up, we’d kind of designated this hosting as “hers,” with the other two being “mine” though one of the accounts has content that’s “ours” that I’d be keeping live.  Trouble is, she’s changed plans, making control of this hosting moot, and most of what is on it is mine.  Not a big deal for her existing and prominent site to remain indefinitely.  Anyway, as something more personal, and as the direct successor to what is there, I thought I might migrate this to my original hosting.  If I can migrate the original blog content enough, I may ultimately be able to move more there by freeing up resources.

If and when I do that, you might see glitches.  That’s not immediate though.

I probably was going to cover other things.  Mainly, though, it’s about the blog status here.

In the upcoming week I will be making appointments I have put off making for no good reason, finish up some new and old paying work, and pump my newly updated resume out into the world at a furious pace (maybe look for “lesser” work locally too, to replace and/or supplement FredCo, which can’t last and wasn’t meant to, though cool to know I’ll have made 6 months at a grueling job where they mostly appreciate me).  Those are the big big things on the agenda, but work on the blogs is cathartic and has side revenue prospects.

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