Twitter Updates for 2009-04-15

  • I am officially world’s nicest guy or biggest patsy. #
  • Kids have been ready for bed for half hour or more while I’ve been not folding clothes not cleaning kitchen to help BF with Romney red tape. #
  • A while back we (she) decided Thurs is her untouchable day to go out or such, while Wed is mine. We’ve applied that to Thursdays since. #
  • Wednesdays she’s usually either made plans for me or used as not-mine anyway, aided by my tendency to have no firm plans. #
  • She made plans for Thurs. Friend is here from out of state. Assured her Thur was absolutely hers period, just as Wed was mine. #
  • He’s leaving Friday morning and Thursday would have been the best day for a group of us to go out somewhere to get together. Wed may work. #
  • I refuse to go back on my commitment, even if I have to seek babysitting. Or even if fewer of us can meet and it’s Wednesday instead. #
  • Problem with the Wednesday’s as mine thing is for me all I might really want is to be here but be left completely alone. Doesn’t work. #
  • Feel like the pseudo-cold of past couple weeks is becoming real. Can hardly bear to go to work. #
  • Weird not being able to tweet from car right after work. #
  • Need to be minimal about the preliminaries before I start tax stuff. May be saved by being on MassHealth. Seems proving you are insured… #
  • And figuring the penalty if you are not has basically double the number of pages it takes for the MA return. #
  • Incredibly intrusive. Not that the rest isn’t. That’s argument for changing WHAT taxes there are even for those who crave tax revenues. #
  • @robmay Besides, you shouldn’t let your wife totally decide everything and walk all over you. Oh wait… #
  • @sharone75 What Wayne said! #
  • @EternalWanderer Meh… one of them lost it years ago. And for all we know she’s contagious. #
  • Was annoyed when I flew through half a trailer faster than lately, got winded, then boss came along & timed me for 2 slow minutes. #
  • Going to push for doing something this late afternoon/evening, but start to work on babysitting issue in case Thurs instead. #
  • There WILL be times when both of us have to be somewhere and it will be needed. May as well start adjusting any time now. #
  • @sharone75 You haven’t slept a wink and your mind is on the blink? #
  • I love PDF forms you can fill in and save. #
  • For the record, the requirement to pick a 6 digit code for business type is absurd. #
  • @Shurakai Yeah. Losing the schedule E did almost nothing to simplify mine. #
  • Have 2 of the 3 schedules C done, anyway. #
  • Looks like 541600 ought to do. #
  • Wondering if I’ll be done in time, let alone be able to make it to anything social tonight. #
  • With taxes, that is. Though I am to point of child credits on 1040. Just that state forms are worse. #
  • Glad of PDF files. Can’t see what’s on the paper forms. Was going to revert to paper for credits but it’s all ant footprints. #
  • Hmmm… being unable to read numbers from W-2 not optional. #
  • Barring minor details that’s the federal forms. Yay! Forgot to put the names at top of a couple schedules, no big. Then the state… #
  • MA tax prep is easier if you are sufficiently poor. I think I may be done already. #
  • Done! Now post office. #
  • Paper income tax forms are just so 1912. #
  • Totally missed that tonight was out for the friend who is up from SC, so we are restricted to tomorrow, which is her day. Maybe babysitting. #
  • No line at the post office. Yay. Now I can go back to cleaning the kitchen. #
  • @pixxiespaz Yeah, well, complicated has its drawbacks. #
  • My mother can babysit tomorrow. Bad news is Grandma will probably end up in nursing home after all. No more progress. Can’t stay on feet. #
  • Sadly messy yet can’t look away, so are the wrecks of our lives. Worse when you steer right for the cliff with confident trepidation. #
  • Henry woke from his way-too-late nap and is pissed. Maybe his mom is gone detector went off, as he was being mom-centric. #
  • New Blackberry has failed to come back from charging without needing battery removed to reset it twice now. Not amused. #

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