Twitter Updates for 2009-04-14

  • Accounting lesson done. And baby in bed because he crashed on my lap during this. Never napped today. Promising. #
  • My first chat with someone on Facebook. #
  • Now I remember why I avoid showering before work. Besides it’s a dirty job. #
  • Starting to hate this schedule. Need a real one, full time, leave kids with caretaker parent. I mean, without taking them to work with me… #
  • Cell service crippled because 20th is D-Day for the last of the 2 months we owe before it goes to the lower cost, me-only plan. #
  • Since that won’t get paid, ever, no more reports from the parking lot after work. #
  • Where I got razzed by boss for being so slow, even with today being a bit better. Not sure how much is blood pressure meds kicking in. #
  • Versus how much is the couple weeks old peudo-cold, vs how much is unknown. The left shoulder/back problem returned, finally. #
  • Odd how that kicks in and nauseates me when pain elsewhere is technically worse. Started before I went to work, maybe from sleeping funny. #
  • Anyway, before people notice I am home, shower to be ready to head out and hit bank etc finally. #
  • @phillymac Tubular? Haven’t heard that one lately! #
  • Too late. #
  • Wonder when I’ll get to go to the bank now. #
  • Two kids take a lot of lap. #
  • They’re all off me, but I should see if Sadie needs a drink or any of them need food. #
  • Snuck in shower. Hordes demanded food after, with 2 of them having cereal after already having half a bagel. Deb still asleep. #
  • @dirtymushroom Oop! Don’t you hate it when that happens? And the basement part too. #
  • Kids just demanded a bath following cereal adventure. All 3! Cleaning while they soak. Maybe Deb *could* get sleep if she worked overnights. #
  • Not sure I should attempt the bank etc without just taking the kids along, having no be back 2 hrs from now barrier looming. #
  • OTOH the kids all but rule out the store part, which makes it super fast. #
  • Worth it for how happy it made Sadie to suggest it. #
  • @robmay At least it’s not the stomach plague and lasting for days. #
  • @sharone75 I’ve made fun of it since the first time I “used” it for something. To the extent that word applies, given its lack of usability. #
  • @pixxiespaz Discount version involves rocks, your freezer, and getting what you pay for. #
  • Henry is dismantling the stove, starting with the oven rack. Not counting knob he previously removed and lost, thatr is. #
  • That was fun. Keeps the shopping light, when all 3 kids *must* ride in the cart. Where they can more easily smoosh and/or open things. #
  • With Blackberry disabled for outgoing as they await payment, used spare, old Blackberry with brother’s sim I have for a few months. #
  • After a few texts, it started saying “data connection refused.” You’d think they knew what was happening and acted, but probably nothing. #
  • Wal-Mart fudge sandwich cookies (safe for Allergy Boy!) are apparently the Best Thing Ever. #
  • So not getting taxes done tonight. Unless I lock kids in a room with some food & entertainment, perhaps. #
  • Sad thing is they are still complex enough that from where I stand now I need probably 5 solid hours to have them ready to mail. Maybe more. #
  • At least I didn’t have the partnership returns this year. That was days of intense effort each year under rapid fire “are we there yet?” #
  • Wonder whether there’s at least one instance where I can use a schedule C-EZ instead of a full C. #

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