Twitter Updates for 2009-04-12

  • Need glasses so bad. Cxnt really are what I am typing or ehether predictive text always correct. #
  • Confused. #
  • No longer confused. Magic silver Jeep in the night needn’t be parked all night, but can do the in & out then hop away for Easter. #
  • Meanwhile, bad enough to be up when I’d normally go to work, after late bedtime, but worse to wake at 1:30, barely nap more, give up now. #
  • I shouldn’t be so sad that he got to see the house in a lore normal, less cleaned & neatened state. #
  • She tells people I don’t lift a finger anyway. #
  • Back to bed! If I sleep until 10, I will have gotten over 7 hours, which for me is almost as unprecedented lately as 10 or 12 hrs would be. #
  • Sleep would have been good. #
  • Who decided it should be frigid this morning? Sheesh. #
  • Right, need to do CotC today. There might even be a real entry or three among the couple dozen spam entries. #
  • Holding squirmy henry so she can eat #
  • Hope she’s done or he stays playing with sister. Just let him loose. #
  • Negotiating for me to go put gas in truck before she has to go to work. I’d planned to get $10 yesterday on errands. Light came on for her. #
  • Surprising, actually. Didn’t think it was low enough for a few extra miles to Taunton & back to have tipped it over. #
  • Celebrating ancient, venerable spring celebration holiday by taking out trash, getting gas, shopping for a few items. #
  • Wish I’d gotten catch up sleep! I’ll be the all-night parent tonight so hope kids sleep through & it’s better night for me. #
  • I should get a girlfriend to stay with some nights. Especially if I can pair it with no more 3:45 AM job. #
  • In fairness, the wee hours job makes her night parent half of each of 5 nights a week. #
  • I’ll have $30 left out of past 2 checks after repaying my emergency fund $60. $27 left in pocket. $15+ needed for gas to get us through. #
  • Cell will get disabled in 2 days in $126 not paid, canceled in 8 days if still not paid. No car ins bill received yet, $40+ maybe for that. #
  • Before the next time I get money. Fronting $15 for diapers & a couple bucks for work sundries for her. Ah, high finance. #
  • At least the car insurance is no longer on the “3 days to pay it after bill received” plan the company used to pull. #
  • @robmay I think about her a lot! #
  • @robmay She disappeared from DD by shortly after Deb was like “mine!” via long distance seduction. #
  • Ah, spring. When young (at heart) men’s thoughts turn to… Salad? #
  • She’s gone! We can all come out now. :> #
  • Got long expected comment from blog friend & less regular than used to reader who saw mention of divorce. Offered to share the secret blog. #
  • So much to do, etc, yet feels relaxing to know she won’t be home until morning, if all too early since he works at 7:00. #
  • @everydaystrange Me too! How come people say “how come” so much? Why not ask why? #
  • Can’t stay awake. #
  • Good thing I brewed some coffee. #
  • Love to know what upstairs neighbors are doing to make rumbling noise & vibrate the building. Giant orbital floor sander or something? #
  • @ericasadun The sander? Joke. Sound/vibration made me think of it. Bet it’s a toy or entertainment device that’s big on bass. #
  • @ericasadun Or do you mean the salad thing? Real life, though Deb planted the idea because she was craving it due to spring. #
  • Aw shoot. Forget tax work. Gotta do CotC tweets! Was all set to and then forgot when lunch put me to sleep. #
  • @ericasadun In the “doctor” post? Not a punchline. #
  • Friends and acquaintances keep making me cry in “they like me, they really like me” sort of way. #
  • Apparently I’ve been depriving Sadie, not buying plums more often. #

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