Twitter Updates for 2009-04-10

  • What’s Your Money Personality? – – Your Money Personality is Tightwad #blogthings #
  • @MaddyPumilia Hey, you’re back! Figured you’d given it up for good. #
  • Feel like I could use hours more of sleep. Which, you know, I could! #
  • She actually ended up taking 2 of the kids in with her so I could finally get to sleep. #
  • Though I was trying to let him cry it out, was almost asleep through the crying, and he was close to giving up. Val had been contagious sad. #
  • If qwitter is tone believed a bunch of people stopped following after I tweeted about letting Henry cry it out. #
  • @samablog Mmm… Sugar. #
  • Got home early enough that I’m trying to let Deb sleep, since kids never woke her enough to eliminate the option & she needs it. #
  • She gets more sleep than I do overall, but seems to need significantly more. #
  • Sad to see daily problems on hosting that’s long been the most reliable & functional of the three accounts we have on different servers. #
  • Dread being moved or “upgraded,” since upgrade made one of our hosting accounts only marginally useful to us now, for the way we use it. #
  • Speaking of, need to decide what domain to put in root of that hosting. Deb was going to build new commercial site there, had probs, moving. #
  • Moving as well as holding off the more extensive empire she had in mind. #
  • Need to remember what the Linux-based file system check/repair tools disk I’d made previously was, download & do new to use on laptop. #
  • Forgot about errands when I’d talked to stepmother about bringing kids to visit them. Was thinking bring kids on errands. Voila, all fits. #
  • Good luck to me taking 3 kids at once to see receptionist at docs office and then to eat. #
  • Astonished how good the 3 kids are in wendys. #
  • I am wearing size 36 pants I was given in case the fit. They do! It’s been over 15 years. #
  • @FroynLaven Waves back. We were out for visit to grandparents, nap drive, stop at doc’s office RE referral, and Wendy’s. #
  • Only prob with the size 36 in question is they are 32 leg, which is more than 30. That and white is kind of different for me. #
  • Cool thing is that opens possibility of a bunch of good hand me downs. #
  • @robmay Why yes. Yes it is. And so is fact I just received this tweet on my phone & found it happened 3 hours ago on web. #
  • Sadly, still have to go to bank, store & landlord tomorrow. Then do taxes. #

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