Twitter Updates for 2009-04-09

  • Kids so want to stay up. #
  • Mike is interesting. What inspired tweet is realizing he’s me at about 20 or so. #
  • To finish, since Henry kept me from sleeping, he looks like cross between cousin Chris & old friend Jeff S. who lived near garage. #
  • What Type of Art Are You? – – You Are a Painting #blogthings #
  • Managed to sleep a little, sitting in office chair. It’ll have to do. #
  • Wish I didn’t have to wait for coffee to brew! And that I weren’t feeling like I’m being overtaken by a cold finally. #
  • There’s the third alarm. Except somehow 1st became unset, which worked out because I needed the sleep that provided. #
  • If I can’t arrange for them to come here with stuff for kids, maybe I can take kids to visit my father & stepmother. #
  • Coffee! Need at least 2 full cups, better start chugging. #
  • Wish I’d gone with Verizon prepaid instead of advice to renew for more than I wanted to spend with existing. Just going to get canceled. #
  • My 1st $1200-1300/mo goes to household expenses. About $200 is gas, sundries, insurance, cell, but cell has old balance $252. #
  • *Might* get past half that, but half now way overdue was victim of emergency truck repair. Shouldn’t have heeded advice to keep cell. #
  • Must drink coffee faster. #
  • Hate the time sneaking past so fast before work. Hope I function despite lack of sleep. #
  • This week catch up on weekend Did Not Work. Seems I need to stop counting on that. #
  • Early day. We did well, as so often happens when regular management is gone. I survived too little sleep. #
  • But the nascent cold seems to have become real and new Breezers needed ASAP. #
  • Breaking from all this fun to see if i can make a few additional bucks. #
  • Henry sleeping on me. Forever! Wish I’d snoozed more myself durung this. #
  • Boot from XP CD run comprehensive chkdsk its taken hours to reach 55% so far. Ouch! #
  • Didn’t put in the chicken. No idea what supper will be. Had leftovers already. #
  • Didn’t do the planned chicken, so it’s burgers, hot dogs and potato puffs. Supper of champions. #
  • FWIW Deb has decided to stop using Twitter, won’t see stuff @ her. If she ever uses account, it’ll be for sake of keeping the name/account. #
  • Rather than letting it be untouched long enough to maybe get deleted. #

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