Twitter Updates for 2009-04-08

  • So late getting to bed. Feel exhausted, dragging as if I am sick. Which would also explain my shift this morning being so bad. #
  • I need more sleep. #
  • Yet I also need to get back to having my me time by getting up *really* early before work. A conundrum. #
  • A better morning. Still feel like sleeping a week. May be bp pulls adding up, or several days nascent cold or etc. #
  • Since I AM no more sleep deprived than normal. Guess I need to go get ready for doctor. #
  • Didn’t finish what I needed in one case and did in other, so only definite besides that is dropping charity stuff. No me plans. #
  • Things I might most want to do would be home. #
  • Oddly, nobody seems to be awake yet. #
  • Thinking about pocket Word etc on Blackberry made me imagine using USB memory stick as added storage, offload/backup device for that and #
  • Then I pictured using the phone as a tiny computer with a small QWERTY keyboard attached, memory stick, small separate monitor. #
  • Given what you can do with a tiny screen on Blackberry/phone, imagine one that’s a few times larger. #
  • I picture something like Deb’s photo holder the stands up on a shelf, which Henry broke the glass in yesterday. OTOH if you go too far… #
  • perhaps might as well get a tiny notebook/tablet computer instead of peripheralizing a Blackberry or other phone into being a CPU. #
  • 2/3 of kids are up, done sitting on my lap, ready for drinks and stuff. #
  • About time I took a shower and got out of here. Thinking that it’s not really important to keep stitches dry an hour before removal? #
  • Looks like the hosting account is barfing again. Doh. #
  • @joeygibson, specifically #
  • What Big Cat Are You? – – You Are a Lynx #blogthings #
  • Apparently I AM messing them up by not showing at official appointment time per computer that.they told me was formality. #
  • Go right in has become enjoy your hour or two in waiting room. #
  • Meanwhile I feel faint and vaguely dizzy, very annoying. #
  • Should put blackberry away. Keep trying to drop it as I doze off. #
  • That was correct instructions, just waiting for room to clear. Poor back not comfy chairs. #
  • And darn numbness tingling oddness head neck shoulder left arm butt and now feet. #
  • Just waiting for doctor now. Amazong to be here and no no check. #
  • Well that was interesting. I see him again in 6 weeks. Will have other appointments elsewhere TBD. Bp was 140/90 left. #
  • He’s not telling me the right, affected by conversation. Skin stuff benign. Wants to remove bunch more. #
  • @wallybock you’ve got that right! #
  • I would so get lunch now if not for mass leftovers so good. Otoh may be a bit. #
  • Wow, how did it get so late? Too late for lunch or much but getting home. Actually gonna make a stop, and maybe will grab snack. #

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