Twitter Updates for 2009-04-07

  • Hate when I fall just a little too shy of dishwasher full enough to run. #
  • Oh well. Time for bed. After I put sheets back on. And find pillowcases to take place of ones I dropped besides washer unwashed. #
  • No wonder I let her do most of the laundry! If I can’t even get it all into the machine, pretty sad… #
  • Missing white noise badly. #
  • Wonder how log it’ll take to remember I start at 3:30 on Tuesdays now, not 3:45. Obviously not a problem if I am up ahead of time. #
  • What to do in the 45 coffee drinking thinking minutes I have unencumbered… Maybe fix Monster. #
  • That was approaching when Henry got on lap & computer turned self off and productivity along those lines ended. #
  • Didn’t get past changing Monster password so I’ll actually know it, but sent resume out to some former colleagues. Now time for work! #
  • Sucky day. So slow. Big boss nixed 3: 30 start time so I was early. Could have had more coffee. #
  • Then I got injured enough it maybe should be official. Boxes fell on my neck & right on my stitches on back, etc. #
  • Off to get gas! Plus breasd etc if I can stay awake. Or coscious. So overpowering. Just woke looking at this screen. #
  • Done at store. On way home but feel oddly like forgetting something or some reason not to go, almost a baseless trepidation. #
  • Still not sure the boxes falling on me when I was bent over didn’t do damage. Got pounded from head to butt. #
  • @pixxiespaz After we happened this year, and “nothing” happened last year, they’re going to start dreading that trip to Florida. #
  • Trying to figure out what to do first. Maybe coffee and something besides cookies for breakfast. #
  • VLC seems to have encoding issues with certain DVDs. Dr Horrible plays, Gilmore Girls and Clerks 2 do not. #
  • Henry got his first tick. Go Indy! #
  • @Shurakai Twitter has started linking the specific tweet you hit reply on, if you don’t just type the @ user and click instead. Should link. #
  • Looks like it’ll be easy to make Henry homemade chewy granola bars he can eat too. Most recipes don’t call for anything dairy. #
  • Some programmer goofed up the logic behind the identity confirmation at Transunion’s online credit report site. Major fail. #
  • Credit companies STILL have me and my father all entangled. Opened my first charge account in 1964, when I was 3. #
  • Gotta feed the monsters. #
  • Baby napping and offloaded him to bed! Cept I’d love to nap too, but have the others & much to do. Kept falling asleep holding him. #
  • Just listed myself in the local Twitter directory in ZIP 02346 #
  • Now do I want to roast the chicken, or do something else for supper? Leftover chicken may be odd when she plans chicken breast tomorrow. #
  • She was thinking of burritos, which she can do fine, even if it’s my forte. Maybe I’ll make turkey meatball stuff today, roast ck Thursday. #
  • We had one of our BrainShare ™ moments when she thought how good cauliflower would be and I came home with some independently. #
  • @elazar Awesome pictures! And a cool writing idea in general. #
  • Newegg shipment just arrived! Usually UPS is later, so cool. I can add stringing Deb’s cable to hours of what I need to do today. #
  • Cable mostly strung. and neatly except part in my room, where things will move, and need to tie down end in her room. #
  • Used staple gun to put staples to loop wire ties through to guide cable tightly near ceiling, not suspended from twist ties. #
  • Still have to remove & reinstall DVD software for her. Thinking download new copy now she’ll be connected. #
  • The VLC DVD playing problem appears to have been the Spybot S&D resident software. It’s sitting there happily playing Clerks 2 now. #
  • Oops. Just realized I need to switch her machine back to her profile. Tested on mine in case something about hers was problem. #
  • Then time to make supper in a hurry, get dishes, sleep. No tax prep or laptop fixing for me today, I guess. #
  • Hate when clicking update does nothing. #

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