Twitter Updates for 2009-04-05

  • Time to get these aminals into bed. Me too. #
  • Couldn’t possibly sleep all night without waking at normal work time. #
  • When I do, it’s hard not to come in here. #
  • Already at 5 hrs or near it, most sleep since at least Sunday night, even if I don’t get more. Will unless crazy, & less so than some think. #
  • I’d started to create resume modeled on hers, but copied & pasted to multi versions, not sure where and what modified for type. #
  • Opened general one, looked like it was managerial still. Her resume is amazing, and easier to modify. She’s sure can’t get real job, could. #
  • Like me, she geeks out on seeing how place is managed, could operate on that level where she is or elsewhere. #
  • Though I can understand loving where she is, or retail generally, despite the pay. Good in that job is hers unless she ever doesn’t want. #
  • Kind opf thing I’m likely to get initially is in some ways more dead end than that, even though it’d start near 3x the pay & that’s so so. #
  • Finished updating a version of resume, I believe. Yay! #
  • Amazing what I can do at 3 AM when not having to go to work, kids actually sleeping, no other adults home. #
  • Today will feature the hectic involved in taking kids to my mother’s for lunch and cake. Good day for it. #
  • Back to bed! Morning comes too soon to stay up all night. #
  • So cute the booster seats have cupholders #
  • With boosters on either side, Henry’s seat kind of flops around. Hope we can tighten belt. #
  • Nobody else is coming to dinner but is. Seems weird! #
  • Debating telling mom what is up while just her me and kids. Mike was nonstop topic of sadie’s on way here so matter of time until who is … #
  • Or not. Lynn and Jim stoprd by after all. #
  • They say hi back! #
  • Kids playing happily in sandbox. Mostly, as long as the others obey Sadie. #
  • Just remembered its the day to finish cotc. #
  • Thinking Henry needs me to take long way home so he can nap, but where? #
  • Feel like I’ve shortchanged CotC past couple weeks. Maybe next one I’ll find more for it. #
  • Couldn’t bring self to mention D word to my mother, not fully sure why, perfect time for it. Almost like it makes the fail real, or maybe… #
  • I am uncomfortable having her tell people even with minimal and/or accurate details, or maybe she seemed to frazzled to me. Just hinted. #
  • Kids got to play in yard intensely, plus had good dinner, lots of fun. Drove around later so Henry could nap well, Val did too. #
  • Sadie wanted to go to Wendy’s. Obsessed on Mike whole way there after seeing Jeep like his, talked about how to get to his house, then after #
  • Wendy’s came up and she is obsessed with that specifically because he’s taken them there a couple times. Couldn’t take them in but got fries #
  • Deb used to refuse to go to Wendy’s. Didn’t like it, Had to be McDonald’s. Willing to try BK, came to like. It’s a Mike & convenience thing. #

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