Twitter Updates for 2009-04-04

  • Very successful supper and evening. Got dishes all done! Back subsided enough for cleanup. Past bedtime, but at least we’re close. #
  • Woke from dream I not only eas gun but had 4 skinny arms. Unexpectedly found girkf thought it beyond got. #
  • That last should be: Woke from dream I not only was thin but had 4 skinny arms. Unexpectedly found girls thought it beyond hot. #
  • I know I can’t see when I wake, but I’d have sworn the predictive texting on Blackberry was coming out better than that. #
  • Speaking of dreaming, know I was having more crazy ones before I woke, sadly can’t remember them. Or maybe I should be glad. #
  • I need a full night of sleep. Better still, without the kids. #
  • Surprised this late consideing speed of first trailers and smoothness of flow under new sort plan. #
  • Played manager again accurately evaluating what and why, compared notes with pt mgr on how silly ft was to resist this change. #
  • Feels weird not to do normal Sat AM side trip on way home. #
  • Can’t stay awake! #
  • Have the oddest thing on my forehead/front right scalp. Red spot, wider sore puffy area, crevasse-like wrinkles. #
  • Does Twitterberry automatically give you a Twitpic account? #
  • @Jim_PRS Not me! I have Verizon FiOS. #
  • The picture I accidentally sent to Twitpic via Twitterberry is STILL uploading. #
  • @Shurakai It also appears the pics on the phone are surprisingly large. #
  • Wow, great entry for CotC from Wally Bock: #
  • What’s Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)? – – Your EQ is 100 #blogthings #
  • Have Henry-safe cake in oven. Should check it, in fact, in case it cooked fast. #
  • Kinda hard to motivate to get a real job when told it’ll ruin her life if I do. Except… she ruined mine first. #
  • So unruining MINE ought to be the real motivation. It’s been all about her for 5 years. #
  • I keep coming back to the stretch of time when I was required to be home by 5 PM to make supper cuz OMG she couldn’t & later was absurd. #
  • That was with the full knowledge it prevented me from making large chunks of money & risked losing client. In 2004. #
  • That was *hardly* all about me. No idea how everything’s been all about me. Gave up learning new stuff. Gave up career potential, interests. #
  • She did equiv of my having discouraged her from practicing crochet, learning techniques, designing speculatively for unsure payoff, etc. #
  • I encouraged her. She discouraged or blocked me when I expected the opposite. How was that all about me? #
  • Perhaps the Fresno- er, Portland people who are all thrilled about the boyfriend could tell me. #
  • Anyway, back to trying to update resume to apply for a few jobs that are nearby, pay real money, and would be doing for ME for a change. #
  • @CaseySoftware Hate smoke. Totally agree. Market can sort out availability of smoke vs not facilities. #
  • I can do this. Really. Almost hate to edit old version, though, like programmer who hates his prior code, wants to start fresh. #
  • But I’ve seen where *that* leads! Supervised & tried to fulfill client expectations under burden of that behavior. #
  • Amused Mike calls Henry “Indy” as that turned out to be real name of Indiana Jones. Fictional character I had in mind was Hank Reardon. #
  • Henry came primarily from real person, but his was the most fictionally influenced; *really* had it in mind, not afterthought. #
  • Whereas Val’s middle name, Ruth, we’re joking about the dragon reference. #
  • Talked to my mother. She wondered if a particular margarine was OK to make apple crisp for Henry. She saw it had whey reading it to me. #
  • Henry-safe frosting is easiest/best textured I’ve ever made, and among the tastiest I’ve ever had. Whaddaya know! #
  • @Shurakai Reminds me, I need to make pea soup. Mass amounts of ham left for it. #
  • My cake is a masterpiece. Haven’t had a cake turn out this good for me since I was a teenager. #
  • @pixxiespaz I’ll either e-mail you the doc with the whole thing, or I’ll post it and tweet the link. #
  • Gave Val spatula to lick. When done she stuck it in cake for a refill. Kids! #
  • Henry is napping. I should make them supper and wake him to eat. Hate to give them ham *again* but thinking a rice, ham, peas dish quick. #
  • If they’ll eat, knowing the cake awaits. #
  • The cake is astonishing. #
  • @emoltzen I just threw all ours away with exactly that thought in mind. #
  • Paid for waking Henry from belated nap to eat, He just finally recovered enough to attack his cake. Just brandished fork at me & said good. #
  • Was a little strange writing “Happy Birthday Daddy” on a cake that was for me, but that was for sake of the kids. Ditto blowing out candles. #

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