Twitter Updates for 2009-04-03

  • Would love to have stayed sleeping. Did a lot of hitting snooze. Wild kids kept me awake until 9 despite early to bed. #
  • You know you’re sleepy when you wish something had given an excuse to call in. Cept I’d feel bad about it, especially after all the praise. #
  • Blackberry browser has helpful zoom feature. Could use that to work in Twitterberry, as otherwise timeline is useless. Unreadable. #
  • And this is hell of a way to celebrate bday. Can barely stay awake. Gotta flee to work ASAP. #
  • I should totally be trying twitte berry for this. Dragged from enough sleep to be tired. We rocked overall though. #
  • No way I can do all I have in mind today. Definitely can’t skip showers anymore long as I do something like this. Smelled self all shift. #
  • Shower, pick up CD & obligatory chat I provoked, stop at doc to prayer them, make cake, open presents before Sadie bursts, clean, etc. #
  • @neatlytangled Thinking is good. #
  • Amused by antics of our uber-mechanical boy. #
  • Made impressive time stopping at garage, grabbing laptop CDs from lawyer & explaining stuff, stopping at doc’s office talking to staff. #
  • Don’t need referral for eye exam. Unofficially appears biopsy was OK. Nurses weirded out by mole removal seeming to make back pain leave. #
  • And amused by the doc & neuro both ignoring that area, getting MRI below & above. They don’t have results b/c didn’t order it. #
  • Finally, can clean stitches with hydrogen peroxide if needed. Probably OK few more days. Katie wasn’t around. Emily agreed she’s “so cute!” #
  • @ various people: Thanks for the happy birthdays! #
  • Was telling lawyer friend our situation & how alarmed I am at how bad most people who hear the full story think she is, even as he reacted. #
  • He also thought we ought to try counseling & working it out, which is too late. If we end up back, it’ll be time & wisdom brings it about. #
  • Back together, that is. Which is possible, but not likely as marrieds. Anyway, these are tweet & deletes even if she’s offline for now. #
  • I’m amazed how many people recognize my experience. The lawyer friend was floored by the familiarity of swaths of it. #
  • A lawyer friend I didn’t explain to was tuned to problem when I worked for him in 2004/2005, didn’t need explained, surprised divorce tho. #
  • @IsCool Wow! We’re booming at the terminal where I work. Volume doesn’t reflect bad economy at all. #
  • Wearing new screen printed shirt. Henry reacted like crazy face red itchy where against it. #
  • Kids being crazy but got him sleeping on bed instead of me. #
  • Did a birthday post. Forgot to mention got a new belt Henry picked out, shirt Sadie picked, and chocolate Val deferred to Sadie picking. #
  • They have good taste! Ham is in oven. Trying to keep self awake. Hard! Could sleep a year, or so it feels. Sleeping through years is bad. #
  • I can still make Deb laugh frequently: #
  • Last night she texted if I needed her home right away “speak now.” I replied one word: “later.” Got a good laugh. Could have not got, did. #
  • Glad to see we’re picking up ads to help offset the cancels. Slightly. Lost $160/mo worth, gained $30. Puts us about on target vs way high. #
  • What Herb Are You? – – You Are Rosemary #blogthings (How appropriate! Use it a lot.) #
  • Time to do things. Kids need drinks. Ham needs checking. Kitchen needs cleaning. And much, much more. #
  • Suddenly it’s late! Came in office 20+ mins ago to get glass I left here before back to dishes etc. #
  • Decided to make cake in AM so I don’t stress & Deb gets some fresh with us. Sadie excited by ham: it makes her grow! #
  • Sadie is worth anything I will have had to go through. She’s the coolest. #

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