Twitter Updates for 2009-04-01

  • Late! Time to find my blankets and make the bed and figure out how it will work in a completely different room. #
  • We had been thinking it might be oddly viable for me to stay with my mother but that was with my grandmother absent. #
  • Wish if made actual progress on office today. #
  • Little ones are very confused by my attempt to sack out on couch leaving them whole bed. #
  • Tried to get kids to sleep in bed in their room themselves while I took couch, to no avail. Managed to get out of it OK when time came. #
  • Need to get back to earlier rising. Still have barely time for coffee. At least I remembered to bring all clothes I could need to office. #
  • With Deb in big room, couldn’t go in there to get clothes in wee hours. Didn’t finish making space for them to be moved completely here yet. #
  • We used book shelves for clothes, so part of clearing all books off shelves in here will be to make space for my clothes. #
  • Henry was very confused about where to go since when I wasn’t beside him he was already in the room he’d go to for mom. #
  • Cuz it’d be ridiculous simply to stay asleep for the night without being able to reach out and touch a parent. #
  • Definitely have to go back to getting up earlier, because this is too damn late to be getting up before having to fly out of here. #
  • Seeing the T-Mobile bill I will never be able to pay makes me rue using the $ I’d planned for that on 5.5 of the last 7.5 tanks of gas. #
  • OTOH that’s really only $50-some extra, still not enough. #
  • Oh well. Only 7 minutes to dress and get out of here for the silly job. #
  • Transaxle fall down go boom. #
  • Or whatever you call drive shady that connects rear axle. Now I know why it started seeming clunky couple or so driving days ago. #
  • Oddly sudden. Wonder if someone gates is that much or it was another pothole deal. #
  • Yeah, the drive shaft disconnected from the universal joint. Two cap-like nuts came off, one looking cracked. #
  • Thinking not worst repair, if nothing got damaged. Happened in front of house & was able to push it back into driveway. OTOH no repair good. #
  • How does that happen? Wear & tear plus luck? Long term defect? Going over the wrong/too many bumps/potholes? Freaky. #
  • Yay! Talked to my brother. Universal joints come w/o grease fittings from factory & are designed to fail like this. Had he been driving it #
  • he’d have known what it was and replaced it. Part’s like under $20. Even garage is likely to be something like $50 job. #
  • Didn’t think it would be *that* bad due to nature of it, but was still assuming a lot worse. Weird, nobody seems to be awake yet. #
  • You know, it’s kind of hard to get ads on an approved site when you’ve never set it to off X kind at Y price. #
  • I never liked April Fool’s. Always something fishy about the day. #
  • Genital Integrity Awareness Week: I’ve come to believe it barbaric. #
  • Warped Sadie’s mind by looking through a book of surreal art by Wojtek Siudmak, which she selected over alternative of Bob Eggleton. #
  • Have not yet heard from shop RE damage/cost for truck. #
  • I’d better move around. Ready to fall asleep for the night! Except it’s morning. Only been up 9 hours. The day is young! #
  • Looking decreasingly like I will even get to run to Easton for CDs for working on dead laptop, let alone any going out or me stuff time away #
  • Kind of unfortunate, the truck, which still waiting for them to look at & be able to estimate cost. #
  • So much for U joint being cheap. $22 each for those, but yoke that’s a $199 dealer part broke, which adds to labor. About $470. Argh! #
  • Man, I have no idea when I’ll next get on the job hunting activities. Today would have been for it, but other stuff ruled. #
  • It’s annoying when you hit the phase mucking out a room when it seems fuller and messier. #
  • Silly Henry just pulled a stack of boxes of books onto himself. #
  • Feel kind of compressed for time. I can sleep any time, but we’re still on supper. Need to be all sound asleep before other adults return. #
  • Which’ll be a while, since they’re late too. Day turned way too stressful. #
  • In the throes of that, I never did get the strips over my stitches replaced after my back dried thoroughly. Hope it’s OK through morning. #
  • Oh well. Kid baths! Then bed, hopefully after I get a chance to finish filling and run dishwasher. Swept/picked up 2 rooms instead earlier. #
  • Tomorrow needs to include the run to Easton I missed today, which is liable to turn into an extensive visit. Not sure what else. #
  • Friday I’ll finally make the egg & dairy free cake recipe so we have birthday cake Henry can eat. #
  • Astonished at the amount of spaghetti the kids ate. If I’d paid more attention, 2 of them might have asked for more on top of big helpings. #

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