Twitter Updates for 2009-01-03

  • @mtpolitics That also means 6 years blogging coming up in February. Year 1 was kind of the biggie. Oh well. #
  • @phillymac Five years. Vegas 2004. Search the word wedding at for a few posts. #
  • 2″ of flurries added 5+ mins to the drive. Apparently nobody was expecting them. #
  • @chrisbrogan Good question! Never aware of their being a Mac version, but could be wrong. Suspect market size/porting complications. #
  • Wondered why rush when 10 min deadline for finishing last trailer unload was given today. Mgr bet s’visor we couldn’t. We won her breakfast. #
  • Our thanks was to earn slightly less, since hello, we were done sooner. Heh. #
  • @phillymac I scored 59 on your humor quiz link at #
  • Pondering what to try to do today while swimming upstream through kids wearing lead belt and holding a brick in each hand. #
  • Apparently I need a keyboard nobody can frickin hear because it’s like a siren call to children the second I type, period, always. #
  • I am so pissed off about it I am ready to try all the spare keyboards to see if any are quiet even if less good. Got *8 words* out. #
  • OK, not counting the tweet about kids, that apparently they didn’t detect because it wasn’t a post or e-mail or otherwise untwitter. #
  • Just remembered I have a paying customer task to tend to this morning. Yay. #
  • 2 Hours later, baby woke and gave me my lap back! I mean, he woke before, but because I put him down, which was bad. #
  • None of anything I planned or was attempting has been done, and lunch for the kids never happened. Ridiculous. #
  • @phillymac Great video! And exactly so. #
  • Back killing me. Actually flared it up trying to get cups open for the girls. Almost gave up on the 2nd one, which really did me in. #
  • Girls have new cups Deb got that look like car coffee cups, won’t leak, but aren’t sippies, trying to nudge them forward. #
  • Oh, if you are in the web ad intermediary biz & advertiser’s CC fails, it counts as cancel you should tell the site owner to remove ad for. #
  • Rinsing alfredo sauce of some chicken & broc to put with fresh mac for allergy boy, while we have alfredo leftovers. #

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