Twitter Updates for 2009-01-02

  • Electric coffeemaker, water boils noisily in reservoir, nothing comes out through filter basket. Thoughts? #
  • @neatlytangled I know it had most of it easy, but $9 in 1999 means it probably earned retirement. But why the timing? Sheesh. #
  • We *have* been running the poor thing almost 24 hrs a day lately. #
  • Dead coffeemaker plan: I buy giant Dunkin coffee after work, leave on counter for Deb on way to store & bank… #
  • One of us buys coffeemaker with emergency $ tomorrow and go from there. Still experimenting w/faking brew tonight. #
  • Really need to go to bed more than 4 hrs before alarm time. #
  • Another 3 hrs. Now stop at charity box, Dunkin, home, head to store. Back held out, getting there. #
  • @neatlytangled Happy 5th anniversary! #
  • Augh! I pulled into DD near home and realized I’d not grabbed check so have to go back there before Isore & bank. #
  • At Walmart. Headed for batteries and coffeemakers first. #
  • Amused that my 9 yo $9 coffeemaker from Walmart can be replaced 9 yrs later for same $9. #
  • Note to self: back not completely better. #
  • Just want to sleep. Need to finish putting last stuff from store away and get potty trainer wannabe reshielded. #
  • @danabrit I always thought that was funny, but it’s ingrained enough that we have Financial Accounting Standards Board in charge of… #
  • @danabrit independently developing standards for the industry to follow in keeping with exactly what the SEC wants. Er, I mean good theory. #
  • @caltechgirl Sad? That’s modern! #
  • Anniversary dinner centering around potato puffs. Wonder if @robmay approves of those almost as much as Pop-tarts. #

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