Twitter Updates for 2009-01-01

  • @Shurakai Wasn’t paying attention that it was an RW. Very cheap. #
  • @EternalWanderer That would be great! Main thing is it playing them. #
  • In bed trying to get back comfy & relax it a full night. Stopped pointedly trying for midnigjht years ago. #
  • 2009 Woukd have to work hard to be worse, & since I seem to be a leading economic indicator, I’ll try to do better. #
  • Free association during conversation with @neatlytangled has earwormed me with Rock of Ages. #
  • How to make dad go happy to cranky? Take his whole 1st 1/2 hr waiting on you. When he sits down in office, invade, make superfluous demands. #
  • Was just talking to almost 3 yo about her birthday coming up. 16 mo old says “birthday!” #
  • Back is thinking about being better. When I sneezed a while ago the howl of pain probably couldn’t be heard outside this apartment. #
  • @sharone75 I am mortified at how long it took me to parse who the uncle had to be. #
  • @EternalWanderer Biomom. Too funny, and took me remarkably long to parse. Still need to check VM & see if caller ID the other day was her. #
  • Massive dent in dishes. Now a shower & shopping. Someone plowed even though bulk of driveway was clear, so less to do to get at Buick… #
  • Which I should look at to ensure I have battery right if I decide I can grab that today. Today is apparently the last day of enhanced… #
  • MegaLoMart employee discounts for holiday season, across the board even if above margin on many items. Taking advantage. #
  • Crossing fingers that shower will relax back more & make it fade further. It’s made huge progress. #
  • @gloriabell Guess I’m not in that majority of men. Does that mean men and I can’t be friends? :> #
  • Shower made me sleepy and my back somehow hurts worse again. Also where was the hot water that was trying to scald me in kitchen? #
  • I should move somewhere warm, or at least to a place where the water heater isn’t so ambient temp driven. #
  • Kids make me tired. #

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