Twitter Updates for 2008-12-31

  • That scream you heard was me, when I sneezed and my back objected. Hope the back settles by time for work in AM. #
  • While pounding a tank of hot water on the area of back:shoulder blade to relax it I realized the cause… #
  • Bad roller in 1st trailer so I had to put down box or 2 push box push etc and felt it there & arm but not like this. #
  • Until came home, nsaids wore off, slept on hard surfuce, got in wrong positions. Then pain from hell. #
  • Made it theu 3 hrs or so unloading, a bit of a low key day but still prob 1400 packages for me. #
  • Now do me and my wtf you doing to me back go to walmart or lay down for more relief… #
  • Sadie doesn’t understand can’t climb on me because my back hurts and is very sad. #
  • Bejus. Kids. #
  • @sharone75 Yep, that is where I picked up the expression. #
  • @sharone75 I don’t normally make resolutions, though I think this year I need more resolve. I can haz a sertivniss? #
  • It’s just wrong for burping to hurt your back. *burp* Ow! And that is with it seeming somewhat better for now. Can’t wait to shovel… #
  • If there is a spot to shovel, since the guy downstairs moved into our spot after Deb left. Hope it means his buddy is going to plow. #
  • @earwood I’ve always thought the objective concept was questionable, but wasn’t sure if that was just me. Hello the cover letter. #
  • Never imagined I’d need the skill of putting little girl hair in a ponytail, or that I’d be decent at it. #
  • @chucksimmins Hey, sometimes being the available parent has unexpected implications. #
  • @shartlen Used to know a guy who worked there when I lived in W. MA & he hated when I’d sing their jingle but as “unfair tire.” #
  • @Shurakai were discussing yest dvd drive for her pc as ex post facto xmas for Deb & wondering price forgot to look. #
  • @Shurakai No SATA on that machine, but prices about to slightly above where I’d figured. #
  • Steeling self to go shovel. It may kill me, based on what movements make back scream. Neighbor stole spot, too, soon as Deb left today. #
  • We either have to parallel park in what’d be minimal space dry, or be pushed to bottom of driveway where we have to shovel whole length. #
  • Starting to imagine choice parting spiel for them when we inevitably move out of the ridiculous place. #
  • Lived thru shoveling by doing it one handed. Prob couldn’t have until job gave me forearms Popeye would approve. #

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