Twitter Updates for 2008-11-30

  • Why would installing an updated ATI video driver cause some kind of SQL Server performance monitoring to kick in & fail b/c SQL disabled… #
  • Looks like some known thing with sqlctr60 and perflib, broken by the “ATI wants to do more than simply drive your video” components. #
  • Still. Haven’t turned SQL Exec etc. on in at least several months. Shouldn’t be a factor beyond using a little disk space. But hey… #
  • At least the machine hasn’t spontaneously turned itself off cold since I updated the video driver I suspected was corrupt. #
  • Told kids bedtime was 7:00 periodendofstory. Better start evicting them from tub. Supper ran late enough to saute my words. #
  • Made it turn off, despite the video driver update. Repeat scenario, too, caused by playing Snood. Usually it’s random while in Firefox. #
  • Poll inspired by @neatlytangled: If one shoelace is loose & needs to be retied, do find you MUST retie the other one too or it feels wrong? #
  • I’d never heard of Colonel Bleep before. Freaky. #
  • Snow was not in the forecast. #
  • @y2vonne We had it on for the kids for a while, sort of paying minor attention to part of it. #
  • @sharone75 My eyes are such that on Blackberry I read “discovered the mouse…” and then it made no sense so I had to try again. #
  • @Shurakai Not break. Feel loose, so you retie one tighter than it had been. Do you compulsively retie the other too, even if not loose. #
  • @cehwiedel Ancient cartoon. Opened a 12 DVD set of cartoons in effort to distract kids. Prob late 40s start of 50s. #
  • @cehwiedel Which really makes it less ancient than a lot of them we have. Very cheesy. Very atomic-focused. Classic narration voice. #
  • Attempting to damp cook beef in oven to be shredded later for burritos. Warmth is good. #
  • @Shurakai And yeah, absolutely change both ASAP, subject to emergency delay. Since they always break when late/harried. #
  • After last shutoff Win2k box wouldn’t boot all the way. Have it in safe mode for further testing. #
  • Maybe it’s a DirectX problem… #
  • @cehwiedel They have it on special at Wal-Mart, $9-odd, says 600 cartoons, over 60 hrs, 12 DVDs. Mill Creek, IIRC. Yes. #
  • @y2vonne Heh. Never been into sports, particularly football. Weird, huh? My father probably wonders what happened. #
  • Can’t believe I started meat for burritos early this afternoon & never though of beans from scratch. Will have to open a can. Duh. #

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