Twitter Updates for 2008-11-28

  • @Ithildyn Thanks! It was Henry’s first real food Thanksgiving. Bonus he can eat stuff he couldn’t before. Loved cranberry sauce. #
  • Rubbed sage definitely beats the powdered stuff. #
  • Henry didn’t break my favorite mug. Moving it to keep it out of his reach did though. Got 10 years out of it. None of the others are as big. #
  • I sense a disturbance in the caffeine routine. #
  • Why yes, I babble in the face of needing to take trash out & drag barrels to the street for pickup tomorrow morning. #
  • I hate waking up with allergy eye so severe & painful I can’t see usefully. #
  • @pc4media Happy birthday! #
  • Keep trying to get in shower before Deb leaves, if only because that usually makes me able to see when my eyes do this. #
  • Kids aren’t looking, hee goes… #
  • Better, but it’s still like welding flash to look at a monitor. Well, lots of non-computer stuff to do. #
  • Deb is off to today’s special episode of Retail Theater. #
  • Pursuing theory of corrupt video driver, installed updated Radeon 7200 driver on Win2k box. Now it’s hurry and wait. #
  • Kids keep asking for “more chicken!” Periodically I note that it’s turkey as I hand out more. They’re dipping in Kool-Aid as if it’s sauce. #
  • Time to feed the monsters. Open face with gravy & side of cran sauce? Or turkey salad sandwich? Or something else? Decisions… #
  • Not in mood for “help.” Sadie wouldn’t leave kitchen so I came back here & told her they could just eat later. #
  • Partly a matter of I want to prepare opinion-free servings & present them w/o “no, I want [something else]!” interjections. #
  • @phillymac In? I had today off from FredCo. Deb worked at MegaLoMart, but 24 hrs already so no extend. I may have longer shift tonight. #
  • @phillymac And after tonight expect longer shifts to be norm until just after xmas. Be nice to have a lot in next couple weeks. #
  • Sounds quiet. Maybe I can heat food now. Think I’m going for the open face & cranberry sauce overload. #

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