Twitter Updates for 2008-11-27

  • Yay for getting paid! And the $1.00 glloves? Lasted a shift. Well! 2 holes. Still beats bare. #
  • My reflexes. Let me show you them. Actually hurt my arm while not hitting the nice deer on 495. #
  • It was supposedly slow but it seemed like we had a lot. Unloaded over 2 full trailers worth myself far as I can tell. #
  • Deciding whether to try sleeping an hour or so before starting on food prep. We eat late & I need, say, 5.5 hrs from fridge to carving. #
  • Everything else can be done while turkey is in oven, so it’s the yardstick. #
  • Usually it’s a frozen bird that’s only barley thawed after 4-5 days in fridge, so I have to cook & thaw at once. #
  • @moogiesworld Yep, I’m the cook. #
  • *belch* #
  • ‘scuse me :> #

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