Twitter Updates for 2008-11-25

  • What a weird shift. Short even had I not been late. Everyone was slow. Belt stopped more than went. #
  • Glad this monsoon isn’t in frozen form. Was going to stop at store but would have to kill half an hour. #
  • @TomRaftery I realized early in my blogging career, in 2003, that there wasn’t much to CP besides fluffy self-promotion. #
  • Apparently I needed more sleep than I realized. #
  • Since it’s Tuesday and it’s not that much more, going to try to get a fresh turkey instead of frozen. #
  • I end up thawing them as they cook every time, so it might not matter, but it’ll be a nice change. 4-5 days in fridge=still frozen for us. #
  • Since it’s about 3 hours later than expected, I ought to have a bite to eat, drink more coffee and get moving. #
  • @phillymac Because you’re a rational serf. Er, I mean human being. #
  • @phillymac I know. <Dr. Evil>7.5 *tillion* dollars!</Dr. Evil> #
  • That was yummy. Now what else to eat besides a little macaroni with ham and parm? Calories please! #
  • The road to serfdom is paved with good intentions. #
  • Let’s do the economic equivalent of saddling us with the TSA! Fun, and so good for our children’s children’s children & other living things. #
  • Surrogate ice cream for allergy boy is expensive. #

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