Twitter Updates for 2008-11-22

  • Way too late to be going to bed. Everyone else beat me. 3 Hours until I have to be up, so here goes… #
  • Slightly late day. Cool. Worst case direct dep aotopilots a 2nd week. Likely case it stops next one. #
  • Best but unlikely case would be if there is provision for direct deposit to be oopsed & reversed despite freeze. #
  • Ok, off to landlord, gas and store. Yay for end of week! #
  • Nice to have $11 buy almost 6 gallons. Takes us at least to Wednesday, maybe Thurs AM. #
  • Not sure when payday is next week. We work Turkey Day AM but not Friday AM. Xmas is 2 off days. #
  • Wonder what I am forgetting I want or need at Stop & Shop… #
  • Some cups of coffee are just doomed. #
  • @Ithildyn Deb would love to learn spinning eventually. Copious spare time, yada yada,,, #
  • Hot dogs didn’t fare well either, underheating because of the forgotten coffee mug in microwave with them. #
  • Must get work gloves. Each day hand heal barely enough not to writhe voluminously when slinging work packages, then spend hours unusable. #
  • The 2 days off give hands enough time to be almost human before abusing them again. #
  • Silly children. Bath should not lead to anyone crying like that… #

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