Twitter Updates for 2008-11-21

  • So unpredictable what kid will eat. Val barely tasted hers. Sadie had 2nds of chicken and butternut. #
  • Time to go to bed. Except have to wash some dishes & put leftovers away & stuff first. And treat my hands. 10+ slices/gouges. Dry. Ouch. #
  • Which means NOW it’s time to go to bed and hope 3 hrs is enough. Errands after work in AM so no morning nap to help out. #
  • Really have to do something about my main computer dying. Can’t print with it off. Lack handy access to much of my info. Etc. #
  • Trouble with being early is having to wait until 3 mins before start to punch in. #
  • Absolute worst possible snafu happened this week. #
  • If you say “do direct deposit” and then cancel it a day later when accpount is nfg, don’t expect it to happen. #
  • The account I’d added for direct deposit, then deleted, was back when I checked. Deleted again & clearly gone but can’t trust it. #
  • BigCo HR intranet loses its benefit if you have to call & talk to someone to be SURE a change happens. #
  • Win2k machine has run for hours w/o shutting off abruptly… in safe mode. Hmmm… #
  • I went out cold asleep for a couple hrs middle of day. Henry decided to nap with me. Must have needed it. Or as out cold as it gets… #
  • Once you have the habit of “listen for kids” sleep you snap out of too easily from a sleep perspective but ideally as protective instinct. #
  • Shoot, we got Wizbanged in Jay Tea’s swan song post on a day I posted nothing, not even anything lame. #
  • OK, gotta cook. Both supper and Deb’s requested apple crisp. And maybe chili to have ready for tomorrow. #
  • Bringing us bananas is a mean thing to do to Henry, who has to watch while girls Must Have Now. #

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