Twitter Updates for 2008-11-20

  • Bedtime. Too soon, but so is alarm time. #
  • Going to bed nfg if sleep evades you too long. #
  • Early? What’s up with that? Hope I don’t freeze on the dock today. #
  • Brrr! But I rocked. And I need to buy cheap work gloves, or find ones I may already have. #
  • RomneyCare is a disaster in MA. Let’s scale it up nationally! Yay for pork in a poke. #
  • Since I’m awake after my 1.5 hr AM nap, and there are no more open tabs to read but this one, I’ll start yesterday’s vital tasks. #
  • If my ragged fingers can stand to do anything. Typing sure hurts. Gloves indeed. #
  • Valerie is obsessed with cars and would like a pink one for Christmas. #
  • Amused with workorders that offer $25/hr and are made of demanding and red tape and haugjhty buyer. #
  • I really HATE the “want to nap, no play on your lap, no nap, no play and climb…” routine. #
  • 15 month old celebrated 15 mos today by demoing limit to how much tomato soup is safe. #
  • At least when following whatever element of trail mix he apparently got hands on this morning to pre-inflame. #
  • Poor Henry. His eyes are so puffy he can barely open them. Mostly now he’s drugged & just woke. #

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