Twitter Updates for 2008-11-19

  • I turned into invention of apple cranberry honey spice squares FTW. #
  • I’ll have to make it again to get measurements and to tweak just slightly. It’s a great not-too-sweet item. #
  • We ate half of the apple cranberry bar things already (9×13 pan). Henry thinks it’s Best Food Ever. 1.5 hrs late getting to bed. Or several. #
  • Must sleep more. It’s affexting ability to do the job well. #
  • Crashed as soon as I got home for 90 minutes+ of pretty good sleep. Freezing. Looks like I’m making apple crisp to warm place up. #
  • Temp in here managed to drop to 60, which is the lowest we plan to have it be all winter. It borders on bearable. Need to winterize more. #
  • Introduced kids to potato puffs ftw and Henry got a little relish on his tuna for 1st time. #
  • Tuna salad for egg allergy boy I use a little canola oil instead, and spices maybe heavier than with mayo. #
  • @robmay would be proud that I served Pop Tarts for desert. #
  • Funny kids. Abandoned graham crackers in favor of grape tomatoes. Even Henry snagged one. #
  • Having worst neck & shoulder pain that seems to flare and subside with severity of need to sleep. #
  • Supper won’t happen timely if I manage to slip in a nap now despite kids. Whatever supper is going to be. #

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