Twitter Updates for 2008-11-17

  • So much for the early bedtime. #
  • @judis217 Flatulent dog that’s been out in the rain playing with Mr. Skunk, perhaps? #
  • Appears Val may have a talent for throwing a well-aimed ball. Add the love of cars and maybe she’ll be the tomboy. #
  • Trying to scan paperwork for bureaucracy and convince girls they’d like to go to sleep. Impromptu toss with Val just wound her up. #
  • No way I should go to nbed this late after zombie-by-day routine. #
  • Just ugh. #
  • @sharone75 “Hey, did you know construction equipment can be loud?” “What?” “Oh, never mind.” #
  • @sharone75 Oh sure, put Gloria Gaynor in my head! #
  • @ScottAllen Happy birthday today? #
  • Learned more about the foibles of my fax machine. That’s also a scanner printer copier. That “runs out” of ink if you go 1 mo w/o printing. #
  • @almightygod Shouldn’t there be only one, making for the world’s simplest table that even CSS could represent? #
  • @almightygod After all, there can only be one Apple. :> #
  • @phillymac Misread that as you’d had a meeting with death! Wondered for a sec what the close brush was. Meetings pretty bad too, though. #
  • Fascinated that Henry’s cheeks turned red from eating apple crisp (assuming he didn’t get residual cheese same time). It’d mean a spice… #
  • Which I’d been wondering about already. Cinnamon, nutmeg, a little ginger, negligible ground cloves. Nothing else could be issue. #

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