Twitter Updates for 2008-11-16

  • Henry is clearly not drop dead allergic to cherry. Wasn’t keen on grape skins, even cooked soft. Not that I may know #
  • If the reaction is slow, since he just ate part of a pumpkin donut Sadie was eating while he bathed. Milk. Eggs! #
  • Mild, but he immediateky started scratching as if it made him itchy. Otoh it hasn’t been to unusual degree yet. #
  • Had kids asleep before Deb got home! And me, sitting here with sleeping baby on my lap. Gotten good at holding on in my sleep. #
  • Yep, tornado watch: #
  • @johnhawkinsrwn Yep, that’s not as uncommon as you might expect. $90 is cheap, depending on depth of cleanup. #
  • Trying to get the girls settled back down.. One would be asleep if not for the other. Looks like they will displace me. #
  • I’m beyond sleepy. Lasted surprisingly well, but about an hour into could close eyes and be out cold territory. Val is wide awake. #
  • @drjjoyner Happy birthday! #
  • Cool pic? Or videogame skeleton creepy? #
  • Job 1 for today: getting fingers healed some before doing anything that aggravates them. Fits with making lists, computer stuff, dry work. #
  • OTOH typing makes some of the fingers hurt/worsen… #
  • Need sleep apparently, if after a relatively long night of it I can drop out cold sitting here & have to lay down. At which point… kids. #
  • Also… who told the boy he could climb? NOTHING on my desk is safe anymore, at any height, unless I completely move everything around. #
  • Anywho, plan was to make a list and start plowing through some stuff. Office cleanup moves to fore though. Fell asleep blasting The Who… #
  • Following 3rd mug of coffee. Not promising. #
  • Outside: 50.4. Inside: 75. Not in the warmest spot. This is why heat is not yet on. I’m suffocatingly hot. Long way to keeping it 62. #
  • How long can I go on getting grumpier to the kids each day? When will they learn to read tone? Extrapolate logically? Sheesh. #
  • @Shurakai Yep, doesn’t it? I’ve watched it several times and am most intrigued. #
  • Where did the day go? Still have hours of work to do. Still feel like sleeping. Time to make supper to put kids on early bed trajectory. #
  • Hope it sticks better tonight. Wish my right foot didn’t hurt & weren’t all swollen. Apparently unhappy from over a week ago – hurt toe. #
  • At home, too, not at work. Could swear I broke it. #
  • 3 Weeks in, and I get a raise after a month just for handling it that long. I still have to master the need to sleep & do other stuff but… #
  • Really it’s not THAT bad. Intense, but brief. It’s cool being reshaped and muscled in the process. Anyway, time to cook… #
  • @CaseySoftware We’d want to see it just for Quinto, even if it weren’t looking as well done as it is so far. #

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