Twitter Updates for 2008-11-15

  • Still a bit late with the bedtime. #
  • Longer day, like 3:49. Almost got to sort small packages part of shift. Oh well. Lot of incompatibles work instead. #
  • Think I have trick for early bedtime figured out. Will try deploying today. Or not, since Monday is my next one. #
  • Now to drop money to landlord and get home. #
  • Kudos to Dunkin Donuts for their outstanding online ingredient & allergy info. #
  • Darn! Missed a perfect workorder for Monday at same end user via same buyer as my last one. Lower $, but close & good people all around. #
  • Baby was napping in office when it came in, while I did dishes. Nice progress there. Weird wearing “one size fits most” gloves for it. #
  • At best I’m at the large end of the “fits all” spectrum. Makes for awkward and uncomfortable. #
  • @gmtrojan Happy birthday! #
  • @abigvictory Ha!! That’s the kind of thing I’d do, as Sadie especially is already learning at the tender age of 4. #
  • About to serve kids Henry-safe chicken fried rice. Not the 4:30 supper pictured but still early. #
  • Power outage. Kids. A match made in heck. Very hard on batteries. #
  • Chicken fried rice was great. Served fruit cocktail on side, 1st time. Big hit…. #

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