Twitter Updates for 2008-11-13

  • Must remember Val likes potato skins. Chicken meh but Sadie ate a ton. Well received overall. #
  • Way late going to bed. Almost had the twerps asleep at a reasonable time, Sleep deprivation seems to be converting to unexpected pain. #
  • @Pistachio Yep, I was remarking about the same ones. Feels like a test or a low key DDOS ramp-up. #
  • 6 Helpful people didn’t show up this morning. Good it was a fairly light day. #
  • @CloudySky Just yesterday I went looking at your profile to see if I’d simply been missing tweets. Glad you’re OK and back. #
  • Freezing! #
  • Put Sadie’s new sneakers on her. Perfect. She’s so excited she’ll probably leave them on all day. Only her 2nd new ones ever, IIRC. #
  • Hand-me-downs rock, but getting new is cool. #
  • @cmiper Wow, that’s $50 less than my old Blackberry was! #
  • @MikeG1 It’s the best commie plot since Tetris. #
  • @neatlytangled But… but… supply & demand doesn’t work! Greedy capitalist oil sheiks! It’s a conspiracy! Er… something something? #
  • Torn between needing to do something to stay warm (sleeping under blankets is probably not an option there) & staying at computer. #
  • Besides maybe apple crisp, wonder what to bake to warm place. #
  • @caltechgirl may find this list interesting, at least #10: #
  • Badly want to sleep. Kids are having snack food for lunch. Was considering burgers but maybe that can be supper. #
  • Apple crisp slightly modified from @pixxiespaz recipe in oven. Next up: burgers & leftovers for supper. Kids are hungry! #

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