Twitter Updates for 2008-11-12

  • Mmmm… chicken burritos. #
  • And the kids ate like crazy, which isn’t always so. #
  • Should post about Henry’s food issue status. He eats blueberry preserves now, for instance. #
  • But we gave him benadryl tonight for 1st time in more than 2 weeks, because he touched dairy, & possibly canned refried beans factored in. #
  • Howling at a funny “West Wing” DBWI thread on soc.history.what-if newsgroup. Treats last 20 seasons of our White House as if it were show. #
  • I liked Palin, but the comparison to Peggy Hill’s character busted me up. #
  • @Shoq Career? I have a career? Heh. Maybe that’s what’s wrong… #
  • @caltechgirl So far we’ve been lucky & it hasn’t been especially cold. Thus being late sealing windows with plastic. #
  • Must finish filling dishwasher & run it, then sleep. 2 AM is too soon, & I can’t sleep comatose 4-5 hours during day tomorrow. #
  • @MitchWagner Ooh, you’re probably right. Clearly she has to be back, then has to be disposed of story-wise. #
  • @MikeG1 We get a lot of sleeping on floor here too. They go back & forth on it. #
  • I’d love to stay and tweet, but must try to sleep some before alarms start sounding at 2 AM. #
  • Must get sleep tomorrow night. Er… tonight. You know, before the next shift after this one. #
  • Another day, another haf hour of pay. Er, I mean 3 and a half hours. #
  • It’s nice for $10 to buy a meaningful amount of gas again. #
  • Can’t get warm. Feel like I’m getting sick. Was fine at work where is was *actually* cold. #
  • When did the kids get big enough to eat 6 largish hot dogs between the 3 of them? And the eldest eats the least. #
  • Transforming into the mean Sleep Deprivation Monster, a kid-triggered condition. Gamma rays need not apply. #
  • Argh. 350 somehow changed itself to 250, which’d be why baked potatoes not especially done yet. #
  • Looks like there’s a massive spate of nonsense WP blog comments, probably automated, happening today, perhaps trying to get past filtering. #

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