Twitter Updates for 2008-11-11

  • 3:15 come awfully soon. Tuesday is the early day, not 3:30 like the rest. #
  • Heroes interesting, love flashbacks. 6 Days to cycle kids to proper bedtime (“no, we DON’T have a bedtime!”) to make next Monday easier. #
  • Ugh. But not nearly as much so as last Tuesday at this time. #
  • Almost 4 hours. Messy wrapup. Did a bunch of loose end help after unloading was done. #
  • Apparently I needed sleep. #
  • @abigvictory Sort of like a virtual vagina monologue! #
  • That was way too much food. #
  • Which means I need my 4th & 5th mugs of coffee now. Or is it 5th & 6th? #
  • @neatlytangled You’re welcome? #
  • Have stuck in head, but replacing interjections with motivation, which is gone. #
  • Hurting. #
  • @shartlen My work here is done. #
  • OK, back to making supper. #

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